Witch's Maw II
Witch's Maw II
Riful pursuing Renée



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Abandoned castle

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North of Ticelli[2]



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Witch's Maw

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Scene 82


Castle unnamed by characters. "Witch's Maw II" derives from the original "Witch's Maw," which was used only in the scene titles.

"Witch's Maw" actually refers to the situation of being trapped inside the castle, rather than the physical castle itself.[3]


Abandoned medieval castle in Lautrec region, north of Ticelli. See World Map for approximate location.

Witch's Maw IIa
Witch's Maw II

Structure typifies Riful's preferred quarters. Resembles first "Witch's Maw" in Zakol Mountains.[4]


Riful kidnaps Renée outside of Doga[5] and takes her north to this second "Witch's Maw."[6]

Riful has Dauf amputate both Renée's legs and an arm. [7] She demands that Renée help awaken the merged Luciela x Rafaela.[8] Both Renée[9] and later Clare enter the mind of Luciela x Rafaela.[10]

When it awakens, it bursts apart the castle. Clare describes it as a "vandal" or "Destroyer."[11]

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"Witch's Maw II" location appears on a Claymore advertisement map.[12]

Claymore 16 ad


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