Witch's Maw
Witch's Maw
Witch's Maw

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魔女の顎門[1] Majo no Agito





Geographic entity

Abandoned castle

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Site in mountains. Near town of Hamel



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First mention

Scene 41, Anime Scene 15

First appearance

Scene 42, Anime Scene 15


Castle unnamed by characters. "Witch's Maw" appears only in the manga and anime scene titles.[3] Metaphoric title is extended to the castle by implication.

"Witch's Maw" actually refers to the situation of being trapped inside the castle, rather than the physical castle itself.[4]


Abandoned castle in Zakol Mountains in western region of Lautrec. See world map for approximate location. Headquarters of Riful of the West.[5]



In town of Hamel, Clare searches for Raki. She checks in at local inn. From up in her room, she watches the Zakol hunt leaving town.[6]

Despite Clare's suppressant, Jean detects Clare's presence. But Jean shrugs it off as her imagination.[7]


In the anime, the hunt marches through the forest and reaches the castle entrance, the passage way bristling with Yoma rods.[8]

Claymore Zakol Hunt at Witch's Maw

Claymore Zakol Hunt at Witch's Maw

Zakol hunt at Witch's Maw

Wounded warriorEdit

Clare searches for Raki in Hamel, where she finds two children arguing over Teresa and Clare statue at village plaza.[9]

As Clare talks to the young girl about Raki, a wounded Claymore warrior staggers into town (named "Raquel" in anime—see Raquel II).[10]

Before dying, she asks Clare to save the Zakol hunt, led by Jean. Clare reveals her true female identity and returns to duty as No. 47.[11]

Witch's MawEdit

Meanwhile inside the castle, Riful has her consort, Dauf, torture and awaken Jean and Katea. Another warrior (original Raquel) already lies dead on the floor. Riful is building an army of awakened beings to fight Isley of the North.[12] Riful says Katea is "awakened case No. 30."[13]

Outside, Clare enters castle and encounters Dauf. He captures Clare.[14] Galatea, who is searching for Clare, appears. Using Yoma Energy Alignment and Control, Galatea causes Dauf to drop Clare. She catches Clare and tries to leave. But Dauf caves-in the entrance. [15]

Riful appears and couches Dauf on circumventing Galatea's technique. After a protracted combat, Galatea orders Clare to rescue Jean, while Galatea holds off Dauf.[16]

Clare discovers Jean's awakened butterfly form. But Clare realigns Jean to normal.[17] They join Galatea upstairs and combat with Dauf ensues, with Riful still a spectator. After inital failure, Jean nearly beheads him, but Riful stops her.[18]


Riful awakens into a Creature of the Abyss—the castle bursts apart and is completely destroyed. But Riful gives back Jean and frees the warriors as a reward for defeating Dauf.[19]

Riful later appears with Renée—and the merged Luciela x Rafaela—in yet another abandoned castle (Witch's Maw II)—this one north of Ticelli.[20]

Additional detailsEdit


  • An interview with Norihiro Yagi in Jump SQ, August 2010,[21] shows in Yagi's library German Castles and Palaces,[22] which may have influenced the design of the castle


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