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Winged Technique
Winged Technique.jpg
Climbing stretched hairs

VIZ Media name

Winged Technique[1]


Técnica Alada[2] (Winged Technique es-es), Tecnica "Alata"[3] ("Winged" Technique it)

Original name



Unknown type, Winged Power ability[4]


Attacking target using Hair Stretching





Associated technique


First appearance

Scene 110


VIZ Media and other translations derive 羽 (wing) and 技 (technique) from Anastasia's dialogue (私の羽根持ちの技って)[5] to create "Winged Technique" and equivalents.


Winged Power enables technique: attaching hair strands to target and surrounding objects, which when stretched, allows warrior to climb and stand midair, highwire style.

Possibly shoots out hairs to attach to target, similar to the reeled-speargun-like tentacles of Dreadlock awakened.

Deneve calls Anastasia's ability "Winged Power."[6]


Anastasia's Hunt[]

Recall from Alfons[]

Anastasia's hunt, lead by No. 7, Anastasia, returns to Organization Headquarters by going south down the Northern Path. Accompanying her is No. 15, Nike, and Keira and Phina.[7]

They are met by a man who turns into an awakened being. But a group of dazed men surround the warriors. They are about to awaken.[8]

The hunt is now surrounded by awakened.[9]

Phina down[]

The extensible claws from an awakened pin down Phina. Anastasia cuts Phina free, then attacks the awakened from the rear, midair as if floating.[10]

Invisible trampoline[]

Nike orders Keira to hold on tight to Phina, then Nike grabs Keira's sword carrier and throws them toward the awakened.

They bounce and ricochet on something unseen about the awakened's head. Somersaulting over the awakened, they land many meters away.[11]

The awakeneds begin to move strangely, waving their arms in the air and stomping the ground. Nike chastises Anastasia for "showing off." Keira wonders what is happening.[12]

Secret revealed[]

Nike tells Keira to use her Yoma Energy to look around. Keira discovers what she bounced on, as well as the secret to Anastasia's ability to "float." Anastasia's hair strands, super-stretchable, are attached to awakened Beings and surrounding objects. She uses the hair as scaffolding. But the awakeneds discovered and broke all the hair.[13]


Organization Headquarters[]

Unseen, Anastasia attaches her hairs to Miria and the awakened Hysteria. Anastasia yanks Miria down to earth.[14]

The Ghosts attack, the warriors climbing the sky. They stand midair, surrounding Hysteria.[15]

Miria's trap II[]

Escape hatch[]

Wounding Cassandra, there is a lull in the fighting as Roxanne steps on Cassandra's face.[16] Meanwhile, Miria's comrades devise an escape plan. Anastasia weaves together several hair strands into a cord, into which all eight warriors begin to inject Yoma Power, with four warriors on each end.[17]

No longer needing her blades to control her direction, Hysteria becomes even faster than before.[18]

Ground zero[]

Miria is losing the fight, being wounded repeatedly by Hysteria. But Miria doggedly lures Hysteria into position. Cassandra dares Roxanne to use up her blades. Just before Roxanne launches her final volley to finish off Cassandra, Miria touches on Anastasia's cord of hair,[19] then launches herself at hyper-speed past Hysteria, leaving Hysteria at ground zero.[20]


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