Undine in uniform

Undine's Symbol

VIZ Media name

Undine[1] (en-us Speaker)


Name: Undine[2][3][4] (de Speaker, es-es Speaker, it anime), Ondine[5][6] (fr Speaker, it Speaker), 운디네[7] Undine (ko), Ундина[8] Undina Speaker (ru), 雲迪妮[9] Yúndínī Speaker (zh-hk), 文地涅[10] Wéndìniè Speaker (zh-tw)
Nickname: 双剣のウンディーネ[11] Sōken no Undīne Speaker (Undine of the Twin Swords)

Original name

ウンディーネ[12] Undīne Speaker

Rank No.

11 of the Current Generation[13]

Current status

Killed in Battle of the North




Offensive:[14] 豪打斬撃[15] Gō Da Zangeki Speaker (Overwhelming Slash)


膂力増強[16] Ryoryoku Zōkyō Speaker (Muscular Enhancement), 双剣[17] Sō Ken Speaker (Twin Sword)


Our purpose is to battle Yoma and Awakened Ones—anywhere, anytime.[18]

Anime voice

Clarine Harp (en-us),
Cristina Giolitti (it),
Rie Ishizuka (ja),
Pinky Rebucas (tl)

First appearance

Scene 51, Anime Scene 18


"Undine" derives from the Latin unda (wave). Coined by the medieval alchemist Paracelsus, who used it for water nymphs—minor goddesses which are small and delicate.

Deneve discovers by accident the true nymph-like form of Undine.



Aggressive arched eyes and brows. Waist-length hair. Face shaped like a Cornish shovel. Exaggerated, bulked-up muscles. Loud, boisterous voice and manner.

In her normal state, without released Yoma energy, Undine appears as her ethereal namesake.

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Undine from anime


A "frog-mouth" buckle[19] holds 2-layer spaulders on the shoulders and a heavily built carrier between the cervical and thoracic of the spine. Undine's faulds skirt is a heavier version of the horizontal band array found on Rafaela's skirt.

Undine's equipment
Undine's equipment


Irascible. Loud and boisterous surface hides a fragile psyche with a tragic past. Protective of those weaker than herself.

Displays a more positive attitude during the last meeting of the battle group, despite the dire situation.



Height: 175cm (5ft 8.89in).[20] Dominant arm: right[21]


Undine is an offensive type[22] warrior, her ability being Overwhelming Slash.[23] Constant Yoma energy release enables ability—muscular figure results.


Overwhelming Slash enables Muscle Enhancement[24] and Twin Sword.

Muscle EnhancementEdit

Undine, feeling guilt over her friend's death, takes up her friend's sword. Undine builds a temporary muscular body in order to get permission from Organization to use two swords. But Deneve sees through facade even before seeing Undine's true form.[25]

Twin SwordEdit

A technique that Deneve calls "Two-Sword style" in the VIZ Media translation.[26]


The Organization notes Undine's muscle-bound figure results from her constant Yoma energy release. She managed to convince the Organization to allow her two-sword technique, which uses brute force. But as a consequence, her manner is also brutal in tone.[27]


Early daysEdit

In flashback, an earlier untransformed, frail Undine stands over body of fallen friend. Undine holds her friend's sword. Face of Undine's Friend is not shown.[28]

Battle of the NorthEdit

Member of the battle group in Pieta during the Battle of the North. Assigned to lead Team Undine: Deneve (No. 15), Zelda (No. 24), Claudia (No. 36) and Yuliana (No. 43).[29]

Claymore Undine

Claymore Undine

Undine at meeting

Initial, mutual hostility with Deneve.[30]

Engagement IEdit

During the engagement with the three scouts, the Armadillo awakened decimates Team Flora. Team Undine rescues Team Flora from destruction. In an ensuing fight, Deneve only halfway beheads Armadillo. Undine pushes Deneve's sword down using both her swords and helps decapitate Armadillo.[31]

Secret revealedEdit

After the engagement with the scouts, Undine argues with Miria over the strategy. Undine realizes what Miria confessed earlier to Clare—that the plan has no chance of success.

Despite Flora's attempt to mollify Undine by rationalizing the need for all warriors to experience combat, Undine storms off to the storage shed behind the Eastern Inn. Later inside the shed, Deneve discovers Undine's true deflated form. But Deneve sees her own past in Undine's.[32]

In the manga, Deneve implies that Undine's friend died because Undine was too weak to save her life. In the anime, Deneve implies that Undine's friend died while trying to save Undine's life. In either case, Undine takes up her friend's sword.[33]

Deneve makes peace with Undine and promises to help.[34]

Engagement IIEdit

The manga and anime diverge here.


Undine appears in Yuma's flashback. In the banquet hall of the inn, Miria holds a meeting with the battle group. She tells everyone to take one half of a suppressant pill. If rendered unconscious during combat, a warrior will radiate no aura, making her appear dead to both the Northern Army and Organization.[35]

The Northern Army invades Pieta. After losing three awakened beings, the field commander Rigaldo decides to decapitate the battle group leadership. He kills Veronica and Undine, then wounds Jean. Clare awakens and attacks. But Rigaldo repels Clare and kills Flora.[36]

Rigaldo wounds Deneve. Deneve despairs she did not keep her word to help Undine.

On the village plaza, Deneve takes up Undine's sword before the last combat.[37]

After the 7-year timeskip, the sword of Undine's friend appears in the warrior graveyard.[38]


The Northern Army invades Pieta. The Rigaldo sequence is similar to the manga.[39] In the inn lobby, Deneve takes up Undine's sword before joining the pursuit of Clare to the volcano.[40]


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