Clare taking suppressant


Aura suppressant[1], suppression pills[2]

Original name

[3] Kusuri Speaker.svg (medicine)


Offensive, defensive


Medicine to suppresses one's Yoma power aura




Claymore warriors

Associated technique

Yoma power suppression

First appearance

Scene 5, Anime Scene 3

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Clare describes 薬 (medicine) 消 (extinguishing) 妖気 (Yoma energy).[4]

In the Claymore series, "aura"[5] and "suppressant"[6] appear only in some translations and not in the original text.[7][8]

Description[edit | edit source]

Unnamed drug that suppresses the Yoma energy signature of Claymore warriors.

What personal effects warriors carry is minimal—but is sufficient enough to perform each mission. To hide one's identity as a Claymore during covert operations, there are pills that suppress Yoma energy for over half a day. The eye color of warriors then returns to normal.[9]

History[edit | edit source]

Rabona[edit | edit source]

Rubel gives Clare her new assignment. A request came from Rabona. But since Rabona bans anything "unnatural," including Claymore warriors, Clare has to take suppressant to return her eye color to "normal."[10]

The downsides are that the medicine neutralizes Clare's ability to detect the aura of Yoma.[11] And that the medicine's effect is only temporary. When Raki wakes up in the morning at the inn, he notices Clare's eyes are silver again—the suppressant wore off overnight.

Hamel[edit | edit source]

In the town of Hamel, Clare searches for Raki. She checks in at a local inn. From up in her room, she watches the Zakol hunt leaving town.[12]

Clare takes suppressant

Despite Clare's suppressant, the hunt captain (Jean) detects Clare's weak aura. But Jean shrugs it off as her imagination.[13]

Pieta[edit | edit source]

In Pieta, before second engagement, Miria holds her final meeting with the Battle Group. Miria has all the warriors take a half dose of suppressant. If rendered unconscious during combat, warrior's lack of Yoma power makes her appear dead to both the Northern Army and Organization.[14]

Galatea[edit | edit source]

Rado instructs Clarice and Miata to take suppressant to hide their aura from Galatea.[15]

When Clarice asks how will they find their target if their own powers of Yoma power detection are suppressed. Rado say Miata's "sixth sense," a heightened version of human five senses, will find Galatea.[16]

Lacroix[edit | edit source]

Three GhostsCynthia, Yuma and Clare—visit village of Lacroix, where they encounter a search and rescue team looking for Renée. The Claymore warriors have taken suppressant to hide their presence.[17]

References[edit | edit source]

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