VIZ Media name

Sid[1] (en-us Speaker)


Cid[2][3] (de Speaker, fr Speaker), Sid[4] (es-es Speaker), Shido[5] (it Speaker), Syd[6] (it anime), 시드[7] Sideu (ko), Сиа[8] Sia (ru Speaker), 辟度[9] Pìdù Speaker (zh-hk), 西铎[10] Xiduó Speaker (zh-tw)

Original name

シド[11] Shido Speaker



Current status





Church of Rabona




Knife throwing


That damn girl...She always shows up in the nick of time.[12]

Anime voice

Ricardo Richter (de),
Eric Vale (en-us),
Grégory Laisné (fr),
Gabriele Marchingiglio (it),
Hiroyuki Yoshino (ja)

First appearance

Scene 5, Anime Scene 3


シド transliterates from "Sid," diminutive of "Sidney," from Old English sid (wide) and eg (island). Or alternatively, from "Saint Denis" (town in Normandy, France).


Somewhat taller than Clare.[13] Originally wore short hair, but after 7-year timeskip wears ponytail.[14]

Uniform is plate armor styled in the 15–16th century, European manner.

Sid's equipment
Sid's equipment


Originally xenophobic to Claymores warriors. Can be assertive to point of rudeness.[15] Behavior often restrained by his friend, Galk. Matured considerably after the 7-year timeskip.[16]


Early life unknown. Soldier in Rabona guards.

Voracious EaterEdit

Covert missionEdit

Clare is on a Covert Operation in Rabona.

First fight with ClareEdit

Galk and Sid attack Clare, who returns from a night interview with Father Vincent. Sid throws three knives, which Clare catches and throws back.[17] Later that night, two guards are killed by the Voracious Eater.[18]

Next morning, Sid interrogate Clare at inn. Gets into fight with Raki. Galk restrains Sid.[19]

Claymore Sid examines Clare

Claymore Sid examines Clare

Sid interrogates Clare

Second fightEdit

Next night, Galk and Sid intercept Clare on her way to cathedral, where Voracious Eater kills again.[20]

During ensuing fight with Yoma, Clare saves both Sid's and Galk's lives.[21] Despite Sid's protests, Galk carries Clare to Vincent's bedroom.[22]


After a 2-day coma, Clare recovers.[23]

Staff meetingEdit

Cathedral staff have surprise meeting. Despite Father Rodo's protests, Clare examines everyone—including Bishop Kamuri and even Vincent—but everyone proves human.[24] Then Clare realizes the last possibility.[25]


In the baptismal chamber, the Yoma, posing as a corpse, rises from a coffin. He attacks Raki, but Clare arrives in time. Galk and Sid then arrive and the three fight the Yoma.[26]

The Yoma takes Galk's sword and fights Clare, armed only with knives.[27]


Raki gives Galk a statue, which Galk throws to Clare. When the Yoma strikes the statue with the sword, the statue breaks apart, revealing a Claymore sword.[28]

Clare cuts off the Yoma's arm. But the Yoma still holds off his attackers with his extensible claws.[29]

Galk's stratagemEdit

Galk inexplicably charges the Yoma, who pierces Galk's body. Claws caught in Galk's armor, Galk gives the signal—Clare attacks. She cuts off the Yoma's other arm. Then cuts the Yoma in two.[30]


The combat won, Clare now begins to awaken. She tells Galk to kill her, but Raki intervenes and clings to Clare, now turning into a Yoma. Suddenly, Yoma power explodes.

To everyone's surprise, Clare is back to normal.[31]


Day. Vincent, Galk and Sid say goodbye to Clare and Raki. (In the manga, Sid kisses Clare and then fights a little bit with a jealous Raki before Clare announces it's time for them to leave.) Sid makes Raki promise to grow big and stong, so he can help Clare.[32]


Sid meets Claymore warriors after 7-year timeskip.

Two mysteriesEdit

Sid, after helping Clarice and Miata escape guards, takes them to Galk's house. Galk says locals have disappeared and suspects a Yoma. Sid confirms that a woman of Galatea's description lives in town.[33]

Elsewhere, Galatea says farewell to orphans leaving church. And to Father Mohr. Clarice and Miata arrive as expected.[34]


Galatea reveals she released Yoma Energy, tricking Organization to send a Purge team to Rabona. She hoped they would fight Agatha instead. But when Agatha appears as crab-like Awakened Being, Clarice and Miata ignore her and attack Galatea. 3-way fight develops as Galatea fights both them and Agatha.[35]

Galk leads counterattack—a diversion. Sid climb on Agatha and attacks human appendage. But tentacles ensnare him. Galatea throws Galk to block Miata, while Galatea frees Sid. She then throws Sid to Clarice.[36]

Agatha defeats everyone. Holy City defenseless.[37]

Surprise visitorsEdit

Clare and Ghosts show up.[38] They immobilize Agatha by cutting off her legs.

Agatha is forced to abandon her crab form and contracts into mummy, with tape-like tentacles. As the Ghosts whittle down this false body, Agatha escapes in her true human form. She takes Galatea hostage. But Clare, per Galatea's suggestion, uses Quicksword to kill Agatha.[39]

After Rabona is saved, Sid and Galk celebrate at a tavern party with the Ghosts. Sid tells Clare that Raki was in town looking for her. Galk reassures Clare that she and Raki must meet again.[40]


After Miria's failed attack on Organization, Awakened and Yoma invade Rabona. Galk, Sid and guards defend city with Claymore warriors. Arrival of Ghosts finally defeats invasion.[41]

Galatea suspects the Organization is behind invasion.[42]

Return to RabonaEdit

Old comradesEdit

After the destruction of the Organization, the Ghosts return to the Holy City. Inside the deserted city, the Ghosts are greeted by a tearful Clarice, then Galatea, Galk and Sid. When Miria asks what happened, Galatea leads the Ghosts to the outskirts of town, where Priscilla is emerging from the Yoma cocoon.[43]


That night in the town hall, Miria explains the situation to the Rabona guards and the Claymore warriors. But Sid insists that the human guards will stay and defend the city with their lives, repeating what he said during the early Clare arc.[44] Miria apologizes for asking them to leave and even allows Clarice to stay.[45]

Then Sid tells Miria that upon Miria's request, he and the guards gathered something unnamed to be used for some unknown purpose.[46]

Two combatsEdit

After Clare emerges from the cocoon, Miria fails to kill Priscilla. Instead, a combat between the Destroyer and Priscilla engulfs the Awakened audience. Two Awakeneds are thrown into Rabona.

Deneve and Co. confront one of them—the Origami awakened. Origami attacks Sid, who is yanked back by Deneve.[47]


Tankōbon Claymore volumes cited are VIZ Media (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted. Manga scenes (chapters) not yet translated cite Shueisha tankōbon (ja) editions. Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. Fragments of Silver Omnibus (総集編 銀の断章 Gin no Danshou) 1–3, Shueisha, are only available in Japanese. Anime scenes (episodes) cited are FUNimation (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted.

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