Scene 78
Scene 078
Facing Agatha

Original magazine title

叛逆の戦士達[1] Hangyaku no Senshi-tachi

Issue, release date

April 2008, 4 March 2008

Tankōbon title

戦いの履歴 I[2] Tatakai no Rireki I, volume 15

US tankōbon title

Genesis of War, Part 1[3]

New character



I thought you said the accuracy was cut my hair.[4]




Holy City of Rabona[6]

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  • Genesis of War arc:
    • Scene 078 78: Part 1
    • Scene 079 link 79: Part 2
    • Scene 080 80: Part 3
    • Scene 081 81: Part 4
    • Scene 082 82: Part 5

Cold openEdit

In the rain, Galk and Sid look on amazed as Clare and Agatha challenged each other. Agatha has already lost one leg. Clare announces the Ghosts' intent to drop Agatha to the ground.[7]

Round III continuesEdit

The Ghosts proceed to destroy the remaining seven legs of Agatha. The crab-like form collapses into the street.[8]

A Ghost cuts free Galatea, pinned to a wall. The Ghost tears off her cloak and reveals herself as Miria.[9]

New Phantom
New Phantom


Tabitha tells the Ghosts where to strike, as she senses Agatha moving inside the false body, the vital core evading the sword blades.

Agatha abandons the crab awakened form and shapeshifts into a mummy-like being. This false body in turn is whittled down again, forcing Agatha to escape in her true form.[10]

She takes Galatea hostage. Clare confronts Agatha.[11]

End of battleEdit

Galatea suggests Clare use Quicksword as she did in the Witch's Maw. Clare takes the hint and kills Agatha.[12]

Additional detailsEdit


Cover artEdit

Clare appears on the front panel of the cover. The original art appears on p. 011 of Memorabilia.

Jump SQ 04 April 2008
Jump SQ April 2008


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