Scene 75
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Agatha invades

Original magazine title

赤き雨[1] Akaki ame (Red rain)

Issue, release date

January 2008, 4 December 2007

Tankōbon title

幼き凶刃 III[2] Osanaki Kyōjin III, volume 14

US tankōbon title

A Child Weapon, Part 3[3]

New character



Sorry. I'm not into monsters.[4]




Holy City of Rabona[6]

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  • Child Weapon arc:
    • Scene 073.jpg 03: Part 1
    • Scene 074 link.jpg 74: Part 2
    • Scene 075.jpg 75: Part 3
    • Scene 076 link.jpg 76: Part 4
    • Scene 077.jpg 77: Part 5

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Captain Ganesu orders the guards to retreat, as the crab-like, awakened being rampages through Rabona. He says the first priority of the guards is to evacuate the civilians.[7]

Round I[edit | edit source]

"Red rain"[edit | edit source]

What appears to be a young, naked woman in her 20s, she lies atop the crab, her hair attached to the crab's tentacles.[8]

She grabs several guards, bursting them apart in their armor and drinking their blood, hence the original magazine title, "Red rain",[9] which also alludes to Agatha's nickname 鮮血 (fresh blood).

Galk leads a spear attack on Agatha. But this proves a diversion as Sid attacks Agatha from behind. Agatha captures Sid, but Galatea rescues him, throwing Sid to Clarice, who catches him.[10]

Confession[edit | edit source]

Galatea names the awakened—"Bloody" Agatha, a former No. 2 warrior. When Agatha assumes that Galatea and the purge team comprise an awakened hunt, Galatea reveals the reality—that by leaking her Yoma energy, Galatea gave away her presence and tricked the Organization to send Clarice and Miata to the city. Galatea thought they would help her fight Agatha. But the ploy appears now to have backfired.[11]

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3-way combat

3-way combat[edit | edit source]

Clarice still tries to carry out her mission to kill Galatea. As Galatea fights Agatha, Miata again tries to kill Galatea.

The effort against Agatha collapses into a 3-way combat.[12] Galatea eventually loses her arm to one of Miata's attack.[13]

Additional details[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Agatha's nickname could also be loosely translated as "red rain," in the sense of blood being present everywhere

Cover art[edit | edit source]

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Jump SQ January 2008

References[edit | edit source]

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