Scene 74
Scene 074
Clarice and Miata from Memorabilia

Original magazine title

淑女の祈り[1] Shukujo no Inori

Issue, release date

December 2007,
2 November 2007

Tankōbon title

幼き凶刃 II[2] Osanaki Kyōjin II, volume 14

US tankōbon title

A Child Weapon, Part 2[3]

New character

Father Mohr (unnamed)

Quote's something bigger...and much worse...[4]




Holy City of Rabona[6]

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    • Scene 073 03: Part 1
    • Scene 074 link 74: Part 2
    • Scene 075 75: Part 3
    • Scene 076 link 76: Part 4
    • Scene 077 77: Part 5

Cold openEdit

No cold open. Color plate of Clarice and Miata in the original Jump SQ publication.[7] Also included is an "extra file" (see Notes below).



Covered with cloaks, Clarice and Miata wander through Rabona. A guard notices the tip of Miata's sword. The warriors flee into an alley.[8]

Sid, from a roof, tells Clarice to jump up. She does so and tells Miata to do the same. Miata hesitates to the last moment, guards nearly upon her.[9]

She jumps up on the roof and escapes with Sid and Clarice.[10]


Sid brings them to Galk's office. Clarice conceals the purpose of her mission, but asks about anyone fitting Galatea's description. Sid remembers someone who showed up a few years ago.[11]

Local churchEdit

Sister LateaEdit

Orphans wave goodbye as Galatea "watches," now disguised as "Sister Latea," a nun of the Church of Rabona.[12]

Scene 074a
Sister Latea

She speaks with a priest, Father Mohr. She tells him this is her last day with the church. Then Clarice and Miata show up. Clarice announces that they have come for Galatea's head.[13]


The warriors attack Galatea, who dodges their attacks. She retrieves her sword and deflects their attacks. But Galatea reveals her blindness.[14]

Cry of the YomaEdit

Galk and Sid hear a cry heard seven years ago, when they and Clare fought the Voracious Eater.

But Sid recognizes something worse has come.[15]

Additional detailsEdit



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