Scene 73
Scene 073.jpg
Hydra awakened

Original magazine title

幼き凶刃[1] Osanaki kyōjin (A child weapon)

Issue, release date

July 2007, 6 June 2007

Tankōbon title

幼き凶刃 I[2] Osanaki Kyōjin I, volume 13[3]

US tankōbon title

A Child Weapon, Part 1[4]

New character



To tell the truth...Miata frightens me the most.[5]


Sutafu,[6] Toulouse[7]


Organization Headquarters,[8] forest, Holy City of Rabona[9]

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Scene 74

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  • Child Weapon arc:
    • Scene 073.jpg 03: Part 1
    • Scene 074 link.jpg 74: Part 2
    • Scene 075.jpg 75: Part 3
    • Scene 076 link.jpg 76: Part 4
    • Scene 077.jpg 77: Part 5

Cold open[edit | edit source]

At an Executive meeting, Limt notes how well Clarice has stabilized the mind of Miata. He gives them a new assignment—the purge of Galatea for desertion.[10]

New adventure[edit | edit source]

Shock[edit | edit source]

Clarice protests at this. But Limt insists Clarice can do the task with Miata's help.[11]

Preparations[edit | edit source]

On the campus of headquarters, Clarice's supervisor outlines the combined covert operation and purge. Rado intructs both Clarice and Miata to take suppressant to hide their Yoma aura from Galatea.[12]

Scene 073a.jpg
Clarice and Miata following Rado

When Clarice asks how will they find their target if their own powers of aura detection is suppressed. Rado say Miata's "Sixth Sense," a heightened version of human five senses, will find Galatea.[13]

Wilderness[edit | edit source]

Later in the deep wilderness, a Winged Yoma attacks Clarice. But Miata easily destroys it.[14]

Then a Yoma pack attacks. When they pile atop Miata, she tears through their bodies. She pursues a pair of fleeing Yoma, punching one through the neck, then tearing off the head of the other.[15]

Journey's end[edit | edit source]

Clarice and Miata finally arrive at the Holy City of Rabona. Miata can smell Galatea's presence.[16]

Additional details[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Original magazine title "A Child Weapon" is the name of the 5-scene arc in the tankōbon edition

Last issue[edit | edit source]

This is the last regular scene that appears in Monthly Shōnen Jump. Jump ceases publication with the July 2007 issue. A miniature model—a "Special metallic-tone Claire Claymore"—is included in an appendix box as a farewell present.

Appendix box.jpg
Appendix box

During the 5-month, July–November 2007 hiatus, four "Extra Scenes" appeared monthly in the Weekly Shōnen Jump. These are gaiden and not part of the main narrative of the series.

But the narrative eventually migrates to the Jump SQ December 2007 issue (Scene 74).

Cover art[edit | edit source]

Small images of Clare and the miniature model appear on the front panel of the cover.

Monthly Shōnen Jump 07 July 2007.jpg
Monthly Shōnen Jump July 2007

References[edit | edit source]

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