Scene 71
Scene 071
Clare from Memorabilia

Original magazine title

北の真実[1] Kita no shinjitsu

Issue, release date

May 2007, 6 April 2007

Tankōbon title

抗しうる者 VI[2] Kōshi-urumono VI, volume 13

US tankōbon title

The Defiant Ones, Part 4[3]

New character



You've developed an unpleasant personality since we last met, haven't you?[4]


Toulouse,[5] Mucha[6]


Forest, battlefield in Mucha

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    • Scene 068 68: part 1
    • Scene 069 69: Part 2
    • Scene 070 70: Part 3
    • Scene 071 link 71: Part 4
    • Teresa and Clare link 72: Part 5

Cold openEdit

No cold open. Color plate of Clare in the original Monthly Shōnen Jump publication.[7]


Clare asks Riful what happened during the 7-year timeskip. Riful will only answer if Clare agrees to join Riful in her battle against Isley. Clare says she will consider the offer.[8]

Riful remembersEdit

Northern ArmyEdit

Riful describes how Isley split the Northern Army into two groups. 12 traveled west and 11 traveled east. All were destroyed. When Clare asks about the ones who went east, Riful reveals a new kind of warrior, a new Creature of the Abyss.[9]

Mucha flashbackEdit

Riful describes her first meeting with Priscilla in Mucha. After gauging Priscilla's true power, Riful realizes that the story of Isley defeating Priscilla is false. Priscilla is stronger than any Abyssal One.[10]

Scene 071a
Meeting of Abyssals

Riful and Dauf are forced to retreat.[11]


After Clare learns what she wants, she flees Riful.[12]

Additional detailsEdit


  • Color plate of Clare appears in its original form on p. 027 of Memorabilia.

Cover artEdit

Clare appears on the front panel of the cover. This artwork appears in its original form on p. 060 of Memorabilia.

Monthly Shōnen Jump 05 May 2007
Monthly Shōnen Jump May 2007


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