Scene 70
Scene 070
Riful riffling

Original magazine title

偽りの妖女[1] Itsuwari no yōjo

Issue, release date

April 2007, 6 March 2007

Tankōbon title

抗しうる者 III[2] Kōshi-urumono III, volume 13

US tankōbon title

The Defiant Ones, Part 3[3]

New character



So you've stayed behind?[4]





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    • Scene 068 68: part 1
    • Scene 069 69: Part 2
    • Scene 070 70: Part 3
    • Scene 071 link 71: Part 4
    • Teresa and Clare link 72: Part 5

Cold openEdit

Rachel, with her sword, appears to split Riful's body.[6]

Mock battleEdit

As Rachel continues striking, Audrey attacks Riful's "wound." But Riful's split sections prove to be her true form—not something created from sword blows. This scene is similar to Scene 49.[7]

Riful decides the warriors' sensing ability is too low for her needs. She impales Rachel and hold Audrey in bondage, intending to dispose of them both.[8]

Scene 070a
Audrey in bondage

Riful begins to slowly cut Audrey, giving Audrey the choice of either awakening at the point of death or dying.[9]

Ghosts' arrivalEdit

The two other hunt members argue as what to do. But they are knocked unconscious by the Ghosts, who then rescue Audrey and Rachel.[10]

While three of the Ghosts flee with their rescuees, one Ghost stays behind, much to Riful's surprise—Clare.[11]

Additional detailsEdit


Cover artEdit

Clare appears on the front panel of the cover. This artwork appears in the original black-and-white on p. 048 in Memorabilia.

Monthly Shōnen Jump 04 April 2007
Monthly Shōnen Jump April 2007


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