Scene 69
Scene 069
Riful under attack

Original magazine title

抗しうる者[1] Kō shi uru mono

Issue, release date

March 2007, 6 February 2007

Tankōbon title

抗しうる者 II[2] Kōshi-urumono II, volume 12

US tankōbon title

The Defiant Ones, Part 2[3]

New character



Even if my blade can't pierce you, your own blades can.[4]





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  • Defiant Ones arc:
    • Scene 068 68: part 1
    • Scene 069 69: Part 2
    • Scene 070 70: Part 3
    • Scene 071 link 71: Part 4
    • Teresa and Clare link 72: Part 5

Cold openEdit

Clare remotely senses Riful of the West.[6]

Abyssal greetingEdit

Riful greets members of Audrey's hunt.[7]

The hunt captain introduces herself as No. 3, Audrey. And the next ranking warrior as No. 5, Rachel.[8]

Rachel proceeds to use Strong Sword on Riful, while Audrey uses Gentle Sword.[9]

Scene 069a
Gentle Sword


Miria realizes that Audrey and Rachel are no match for Riful. She orders Deneve, Helen and Clare to accompany her. They rush to save Audrey and Rachel from themselves.[10]

Riful's gameEdit

She continues to toy with Audrey and Rachel, allowing them to think they are hurting her.[11]

Additional detailsEdit


Cover artEdit

A small image of Clare appears on the front panel of the cover.

Monthly Shōnen Jump 03 March 2007
Monthly Shōnen Jump March 2007


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