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Scene 67
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Clare discovers Raki's drawing

Original magazine title


Issue, release date

January 2007, 6 December 2006

Tankōbon title

魂と共に III[2] Tamashii to Tomo ni III, volume 12

US tankōbon title

The Souls of the Fallen, Part 3[3]

New character



All right, let's go. With the souls of the fallen at Pieta.[4]




Unnamed village, cavern hideout

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jack is taking a poop


mike is going to kill his salf


river is sleeping and jack is going to kill him


rider kills jack with a shotgun


GRANT gets shot by joker

  • Souls arc:
    • Scene 065.jpg 65: Part 1
    • Scene 066.jpg 66: Part 2
    • Scene 067 link.jpg 67: Part 3

Cold open[]

Inside a deserted slave holding cell, Clare discovers a drawing of the twin goddesses, Teresa and Clare. She realizes Raki was here.[6]


On the cell wall, Yuma reads a Rune-like inscription—"Teresa and Clare." Clare examines the bars of the cell. She observes a corner where Raki plied open an escape hole.[7]

Cavern hideout[]


Later at a cavern hideout, Clare announces to the Ghosts her intent to go south in search of Raki. Suddenly, Miria challenges Clare to sword-fight.[8]

New techniques[]

As if on a field of honor, Miria and Clare face off each other, armed with their swords. Clare questions Miria on how one should take this unseemly situation—if Clare goes south, Miria will kill her? Miria brusquely replies she does not care how Clare takes the situation. She orders Clare to attack with all her strength.

During the match, Miria uses the New Phantom, which uses no Yoma power and has unlimited use. Clare responds with a Yoma powerless version of Flora's Windcutter.[9]

Scene 067.jpg
Miria's test

Miria is satisfied that Clare can handle even single-digit warriors. She resigns as group captain and announces her intent to accompany Clare down south.

For her own reason[]

But everyone wants to come along. Each warrior has her own personal reason to join. Helen expresses a desire to settle accounts with their enemies. Deneve sees no point in hiding here with her seven years of hard training. Cynthia wants to avenge the deaths of Veronica and the others during the Battle of the North. Tabitha will always follow her captain. Finally, Yuma does not wish to end her days alone in Alfons and would prefer anything to such a fate.[10]

Heading south[]

It is decided—the seven Ghosts shall journey south, en masse.[11]

Additional details[]


Cover art[]

Clare appears in lower right on front panel of cover.

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Monthly Shōnen Jump January 2007


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