Scene 66
Scene 066
Grief of survival

Original magazine title

いまわの誓い[1] Imawa no chikai

Issue, release date

December 2006, 6 November 2006

Tankōbon title

魂と共に II[2] Tamashii to Tomo ni II, volume 12

US tankōbon title

The Souls of the Fallen, Part 2[3]

New character



Look, Miria. These are the lives you saved.[4]




Pieta,[6] unnamed village

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  • Souls arc:
    • Scene 065 65: Part 1
    • Scene 066 66: Part 2
    • Scene 067 link 67: Part 3

Cold openEdit

Clarice counts the grave-marks of warriors from the Battle of the North. She counts 17 swords. From the hill above, Miria, Deneve and Helen watch.[7]


Cynthia and Tabitha rejoin the group after giving first aid to the other three Dabi hunt members. They argue about what to do with Clarice, but Miria in the end decides to do nothing.[8]


Search for RakiEdit

Elsewhere, Yuma follows Clare through the winter landscape.[9]



In Pieta, before the second and last engagement, Miria holds her final meeting with the battle group. In the banquet hall of the Eastern Inn, she instructs everyone to take one half of a suppressant pill.[10]

Scene 066a
Last battle group meeting

If during combat, a warrior loses consciousness, she can "play dead" to both the Northern Army and Organization. All the warriors agree to the plan and touch swords.[11]


Amid the ruins of Pieta, the bodies of Queenie, Eliza, Lily and Wendy lie dead. The survivors help up Miria, who grieves that only seven out of 24 warriors survived.[12]

Flash forwardEdit

Clare and Yuma come across a deserted village. Clare kicks open a door, leading to an underground slave prison. She further discovers an anomaly in one of the cells, telling her that Raki was here.[13]

Additional detailsEdit


  • In the anime, the graveyard appears when Raki searches for Clare's sword in a ruined town during the Battle of the North[14]
  • Swords used as grave-marks is a common trope found in manga,[15] movies and games. See Field of Blades

Cover artEdit

Clare on front panel of cover. Artwork reproduced in original form on p. 061 of Memorabilia.

Monthly Shōnen Jump 12 December 2006
Monthly Shōnen Jump December 2006


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