Scene 64
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Luciela awakened

Original Magazine Title

捩れた絆[1] Nejireta kizuna

Issue, release date

October 2006, 6 September 2006

Tankōbon title

楽園の血族 III[2] Rakuen no Ketsuzoku III, volume 12

US tankōbon title

Kindred of Paradise, Part 3[3]

New Character

Teresa's Instructor


Hey, lady...are you an ordinary person?[4]


Sutafu,[5] Mucha[6]


Organization Headquarters[7]

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  • Kindred of Paradise arc:
    • Scene 062 link.jpg 62: Part 1
    • Scene 063.jpg 63: Part 2
    • Scene 064.jpg 64: Part 3

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Warrior No. 1, Luciela, has fully awakened into a feline form during the first Controlled Awakening experiment. She kills half the warriors and trainees, as well as wreaking havoc on Organization Headquarters. [8]

Her younger sister, warrior No. 2, Rafaela, is unable to revert Luciela back to normal. She calls out to Luciela, who leaves the area.[9]

Aftermath to disaster[edit | edit source]

Exile[edit | edit source]

Rubel meets Rafaela in her apartment. He tells her that she has been decommissioned. He further suggests she go into exile.[10]

Rumor[edit | edit source]

Rafaela passes through an unnamed village near headquarters. She overhears that twin baby girls have been handed over to the Organization.[11]

Runaway[edit | edit source]

At a forest pond, Rafaela meets a young runaway trainee. Almost immediately, the instructor shows up, who explains that the trainee is a "problem child" who run away many times to this place. Suprised by her ability to survive in such a young age in a forest full of Yoma and wild beasts without any weapon Rafaela asks the girl for her name, she replies, "Teresa."[12]

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Timeskip[edit | edit source]

After an indeterminate number of years, Rubel finds Rafaela living in cave. He tells her that the now adult Teresa was lost, along with warriors No. 2 through 5. He offers the position of No. 5 to Rafaela, who accepts.[13]

Reunion[edit | edit source]

Flash forward to present: a defeated Luciela flees from Isley. Rafaela, who saw the battle, finds Luciela kneeling in a stream. They embrace, but Rafaela breaks Luciela's back, killing her.[14]

Additional details[edit | edit source]

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Cover art[edit | edit source]

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Jump SQ October 2006

References[edit | edit source]

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