Scene 36
Scene 036a
Ophelia spots Clare

Original magazine title

漣に抗う剣[1] Sazanami ni aragau ken

Issue, release date

June 2004, May 2004

Tankōbon title

果てなき墓標 VI[2] Hate-naki Bohyō VI, volume 7

US tankōbon title

The Endless Gravestones, Part 6[3]

New character



The idea that you can’t die yet because you still have something to protect...that is the foolish illusion of the weak.[4]





Anime arc

The Endless Gravestones

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  • Endless Gravestones arc:
    • Scene 031 31: Part 1
    • Scene 032 32: Part 2
    • Scene 033 33: Part 3
    • Scene 034 link 34: Part 4
    • Scene 035 35: Part 5
    • Scene 036 36: Part 6

Cold openEdit

Clare's right arm is missing. Desperate, she tries to escape Ophelia.[6]

Final showdownEdit

Clare stops for a moment and tries to replicate Deneve's Instant Reproduction. But she fails to regenerate her missing arm.[7]

Ophelia finds Clare. She again explains that Clare cannot regenerate her arm, since she is an Offensive type. Clare tries to hide up in a tree, but Ophelia easily spots her and brings Clare crashing to the forest floor.[8] Without her right arm, Clare is nearly helpless. Then Ophelia cuts off Clare's left hand. Clare is about to die.[9]

Mysterious intruderEdit

Cannot forgiveEdit

But a cowled figure approaches the pair. Clare tries to warn away the stranger.[10]

Scene 036
Mysterious stranger

Ophelia cannot forgive being interrupted. She attacks the stranger. But the stranger counters the Rippling Sword with another technique. Unable to believe what is happening to her, Ophelia is defeated by hundreds of cuts.[11]

From Clare's pastEdit

The witch cape falls away and someone from Clare's past is revealed—"Quicksword" Ilena.[12]

Additional detailsEdit



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