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Scene 35
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Making a name

Original magazine title

一縷の望み[1] Ichirunonozomi (A ray of hope)

Issue, release date

May 2004, April 2004

Tankōbon title

果てなき墓標 V[2] Hate-naki Bohyō V, volume 7

US tankōbon title

The Endless Gravestones, Part 5[3]

New character



But it's not too well known yet. Because most of the people who've seen it are dead.[4]





Anime arc

The Endless Gravestones

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  • Endless Gravestones arc:
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    • Scene 032.jpg 32: Part 2
    • Scene 033.jpg 33: Part 3
    • Scene 034 link.jpg 34: Part 4
    • Scene 035.jpg 35: Part 5
    • Scene 036.jpg 36: Part 6

Cold open[]

Clare travels the opposite direction of Raki's path, while knowing that Ophelia will follow her. And as expected, Ophelia catches up. The two confront each other at the edge of a canyon.

Ophelia berates Clare's performance and threatens to kill her.[6]

Scene 035.jpg
Edge of combat


"Rippling Sword"[]

As Clare counters Ophelia's conventional sword moves, Ophelia realizes Clare is using Preemptive Sensing.[7] She switches to her Rippling Sword technique.[8]

Now Clare cannot anticipate Ophelia's attacks. By vibrating the blade, Ophelia creates an optical illusion of an undulating snake.[9]

Making a name[]

Ophelia mocks Claymore warrior nicknames.[10]

She proclaims herself "Rippling Ophelia." But adds that her "nickname" is not well known as most people who seen the Rippling Sword are dead.[11]

Last ditch attempt[]

Clare charges Ophelia, who cut off her right arm. Clare "falls" over the cliff into the river.[12]

Clare's gambit[]

Clare crawls from the river downstream, her severed arm held in her mouth. But Ophelia appears. Ophelia guesses that Clare let her cut off her arm, then cut her torso—a gambit to make Ophelia think Clare was finished. What gave Clare away was that she never let go of her arm.[13]

Personality types[]

Ophelia introduces the concept of personality types among warriors. She divides warriors between the Offensive type versus the Defensive type. Offensive warriors cannot completely regenerate themselves. They can reattach a lost limb, but a completely generated one would be no stronger than a normal human's.[14]

Ophelia does not intend to allow Clare to reattach her arm, so she shreds it apart.[15]

Additional details[]


  • In the anime, Ophelia names the Offensive type as an "Attacker" and the Defensive type as "Tactical Defense"[16]


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