Scene 14
Scene 014

Original magazine title


Issue, release date

August 2002, July 2002

Tankōbon title

微笑のテレサ III[2] Bishō no Teresa III (Teresa of the minute smile III), volume 3

US tankōbon title

Teresa of the Faint Smile, Part 3[3]

New character



What am I smiling about?[4]


Unknown region



Anime arc

Teresa of the Faint Smile

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  • Teresa arc:
    • Scene 012 12: Part 1
    • Scene 013 13: Part 2
    • Scene 014 14: Part 3
    • Scene 015 15: Part 4
    • Scene 016 16: Part 5
    • Scene 017 link 17: Part 6

Cold openEdit

The mystery girl continues to follow Teresa through the wilderness.[5]

The plungeEdit

The two are walking along the edge of a cliff. Teresa tries to lose the girl—she jumps off the cliff. Teresa lands unharmed. But the girl follows suit. Her fall is broken by a tree branch, then she lands unconscious.[6]

Teresa revives the girl by throwing her into a lake. When the girl revives, Teresa orders her to to wash off the Yoma smell on her. Afterward, Teresa gives the girl a pineapple-like fruit. Teresa tells her to rest after their long journey. They camp that night.[7]

Scene 014a
Camping out

The next morning, the girl finds Teresa missing and fears that Teresa deserted her. But Teresa returns with a rabbit-like animal for breakfast.[8]

New old nameEdit

Teresa now allows the girl follow.[9] As they travel through the wilderness, Teresa decides to name the girl. She guesses correctly that the girl's name is Clare, one of the Twin Goddesses of love, the other goddess' name being Teresa.[10]

As they head for the next town, Rig follows.[11]

Additional detailsEdit


  • The animal that Teresa caught resembles a cross between a long-eared hare and a long-tailed vizcacha

Cover artEdit

Monthly Shōnen Jump 08 August 2002
Monthly Shōnen Jump August 2002


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