Scene 13
Scene 013
Teresa's warning

Original magazine title


Issue, release date

July 2002, June 2002

Tankōbon title

微笑のテレサ II[2] Bishō no Teresa II (Teresa of the minute smile II), volume 3

US tankōbon title

Teresa of the Faint Smile, Part 2[3]

New character

Bandit gang, Rig, Boss


No one ever willingly comes knocking on the Organization's door.[4]


Unknown region


Unnamed village near Teo

Anime arc

Teresa of the Faint Smile

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  • Teresa arc:
    • Scene 012 12: Part 1
    • Scene 013 13: Part 2
    • Scene 014 14: Part 3
    • Scene 015 15: Part 4
    • Scene 016 16: Part 5
    • Scene 017 link 17: Part 6

Cold openEdit

Teresa dreams of an earlier life, either real or imagined, where she had black hair and eyes. She further dreams of betrayal, being sold to the Organization by those she trusted.[5]

She either had to become a tool of the Organization or die a beggar.[6]

Teresa leavesEdit

Inn guestEdit

At a local inn, Teresa cannot continue her afternoon nap, the bed being too comfortable. She gets up and dresses. She stakes her sword in the floor against a dresser and leans on it. When the inn-keeper knocks on the door to announce dinner, Teresa destroys the door with her sword. She tells the terrified inn-keeper that she is leaving.

Mystery girlEdit

When Teresa exits the inn before sunset, the villagers are surprised as they thought she would stay overnight. A village representative, an elderly man, offers her money that the village collected. Teresa refuses it, saying that the order to suppress the Yoma came from a neighboring village.[7]

Scene 013a
Mystery girl

As Teresa and the elder speak, the mystery girl tugs Teresa's cape. Teresa kicks the mute girl away. When Teresa asks about the girl's past, the elder speculates that the girl was forced to accompany the Yoma posing as a parent.

Teresa suspects the girl thinks Teresa is a sort of savior.[8] Despite Teresa again kicking her away, the girl persists in being demonstrative. The villagers fear the girl is about to be killed.[9]


In a forest, the girl spies on Teresa's camp. But Teresa disappears from the campfire, then just as suddenly appears behind the girl. Teresa tries to frighten the girl by suspending her sword blade over the girl's shoulder. Suddenly, thuggish-looking men descend from the trees branches above. They are bandit gang lead by "Boss."[10]

Teresa cut off the hand of one bandit, Rig, who tries to grab the girl. Teresa offers her body to the bandits, but when they see the stigma on her abdomen, they leave appalled. Rig promises to take revenge.[11]

Additional detailsEdit


Anime versus mangaEdit

  • In the anime, Teresa stays overnight at the inn, but is disturbed by a dream of her ill-fated childhood as in the manga. Unlike the manga, she has no altercation with the inn-keeper and leaves the next morning
  • In the anime, Teresa gives the standard instructions about payment for the Yoma suppression, since the request came from this village

Cover artEdit

Monthly Shōnen Jump 07 July 2002
Monthly Shōnen Jump July 2002


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