Scene 135
Scene 135
Priscilla's family

Original magazine title

瞼の記憶[1] Mabuta no kioku (Memory of memory)

Issue, release date

March 2013, 4 February 2013

Tankōbon title

冥府の軍勢 ⅠII[2] Meifu no gunzei ⅠII (Army of Hades III)

US tankōbon title


New character

Village elder, neighboring family, Priscilla's father, mother, brother and sister


I don't wish to remember any more than this.[3]




Village of "Musha"

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    • Scene 135 135: Part III
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    • Scene 137 137: Part V

Cold openEdit

Scene begins inside a flashback to Priscilla's childhood village of Musha. While walking through the village, the young Priscilla asks her father about Yoma and Claymore warriors. [5]

Death in MushaEdit


After the third Yoma victim, panic sets in among the inhabitants. Being a small, remote village of 15 families, the people cannot afford to hire a Claymore warrior.

But the village elder has another plan—isolate five families in their homes at a time for two weeks. Should the Yoma reveal itself from hunger, a family member is suppose to kill it with a sword supplied by the village.[6]

Priscilla's familyEdit

The first group proves Yoma-free. Priscilla's family—father, mother, sister, brother and herself—are among the next to be quarantined. In the kitchen, Priscilla's parents discuss the merits of the elder's plan. The father thinks the plan in wrong, while the mother supports it.[7]


Priscilla wakes up in the middle of night and needs to urinate. She chances on her family in the kitchen, where her brother sits dead behind the door. The Yoma-infected father is eating Priscilla's older sister. The mother lie dead facedown on the floor. [8]

Priscilla spots the sword standing against the wall. She unsheathes it and with a slash stroke, attacks. She sees her father crying before she kills him.[9]


Riful's daughterEdit

Flashing back to the present, Priscilla escapes the grip of Riful's daughter. Priscilla rejoins her near-severed head and vomits out the remains of the Destroyer.[10]

Elsewhere, Clare notices something strange happening.[11]

Scene 135a

Priscilla thanks Riful's daughter for helping to expel the Destroyer.[12]


Chronos and Lars watch the combat from a cliff. Chronos realizes that it was the Destroyer that was fighting Riful's daughter, not Priscilla. The Destroyer took all the damage and was expelled from Priscilla's body.[13]

Riful's daughter is amused by Priscilla and announces her intent to go on an out all attack. She awakens further into a combo of her mother and Dauf's Hellcat form.[14]

Dae and RubelEdit

From the hills, Dae and Rubel observe the fight in the valley below. Dae now remembers Priscilla's identity and alludes to her unusual past.[15]

Additional detailsEdit


  • The cold open is similar to the beginning of Scene 1, where Raki asks Zaki about Claymore warriors[16]
  • The village elder resembles Bishop Kamuri[17]
  • In the anime, Priscilla uses an ax to kill the Yoma[18]
  • 瞼 in the title refers figuratively to "memory" rather than the literal "eyelid." The Jump SQ title is similar to such set phrases as 瞼の母 mabuta no haha (memory of mother)
  • In psychology, "memory of memory" is also called "self-reference memory," memory's self-awareness of memory.[19] Priscilla's memory is trying to comprehend itself

Cover artEdit

Jump SQ 03 March 2013
Jump SQ March 2013


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