Scene 114
Scene 114

Original magazine title

幻影の進撃[1] Gen'ei no shingeki (Attack of the Phantom)

Issue, release date

May/June 2011, April 21 2011

Tankōbon title

魔女の屍 I Majo no shikabane I, volume 21[2]

US tankōbon title

Corpse of the Witch, Part 1

New character



Although we are half demon, in our hearts we are mostly human.[3]




Organization Headquarters[5]

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    • Scene 119 link 119: Part 6

Cold openEdit

At Organization Headquarters, Claymore warriors defy the orders of the Men in Black, who are further surprised by Miria's return.[6]


One Man in Black says all the single-digit warriors—Audrey, Rachel, Nina, Anastasia, Dietrich and Miata—have joined the rebels. The only exception is Renée, who has disappeared.[7]

Audrey asks Miria about her injured left arm. Miria says she is mobile enough. Audrey notes Miria's improbable aim of destroying the Organization without killing any warriors.[8]

But ironically, Miria's softhearted approach softened the hearts of the warriors. Should Miria have killed any warriors, events would have turned out differently.[9]

Rachel grudgingly helps Miria only because of Audrey's support.[10]

Nina reports that Rafutera remains loyal to the Organization. But Miria orders Rafutera to be unharmed. With almost all the warriors behind Miria, she orders them to destroy the Organization.[11]

Emergency meetingEdit


In the Executive chamber, Men in Black assess the situation—trainees deserting and the rebels' impending attack.[12]


Rafutera reports to Limt. He asks why she did not report Miria's presence. She says since she was not asked about Miria's aura, she did think it necessary to report it. Limt now realizes that Rafutera has betrayed the Organization. He asks her why.[13]

Rafutera say during the final attack on Miria, the warriors felt confusion, fear, anger and sorrow as well as love and respect. Still half-human, the warriors hesitated at killing a sister warrior.[14]

When Miria arrived, the warriors felt both despair and salvation from her and developed a strong instinct not to kill her. The current situation is due to misunderstanding the human feelings of the warriors.[15]


Limt's inquiry is actually Rafutera's "court-martial." Rafutera is impaled by spears as punishment (and later taken prisoner).[16]

Dae still needs several hours to deploy the resurrected No. 1s. To buy time, Limt orders all "Things" released outside, despite their potential indiscriminate attacks. Loyal personnel must stay indoors.[17]


The rebels are attacked by Abyss Feeders. To avert catastrophe, Miria orders all single-digits to the front and double-digits to the rear. Double-digits who feel able to fight will act as support. But despite this tactic, the Feeders bypass the strong warriors and target the weak.[18]

Scene 114b
Abyss Feeders


Raki hears fighting outside his cell and tries to escape. The wall bursts open—one of the Twin Trainees used her awakened arm to break through the wall. Raki stares in confusion—other trainees watch in the background.[19]

Additional detailsEdit


  • Due the 2011 earthquake in Japan, Jump SQ suspended publication for a month
  • A combined May and June issue is released

Cover artEdit

Jump SQ 05-06 May-June 2011
Jump SQ May-June 2011


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