Scene 110
Scene 110
Priscilla and Raki

Original magazine title

残り香[1] Nokoriga (Scent)

Issue, release date

January 2011, 4 December 2010

Tankōbon title

魔爪の残滓 I[2] Masō no Zanshi I, volume 20

US tankōbon title

Remains of the Demon Claw, Part 1[3]

New character

Anastasia, Nike, Phina, Keira (unnamed)


It...seems we came the wrong way.[4]


Lautrec,[5] Sutafu[6]


Ticelli,[7] Organization Headquarters,[8] mountains in Sutafu

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  • Demon Claw arc:
    • Scene 110 link 110: Part 1
    • Scene 111 111: Part 2
    • Scene 112 112: Part 3
    • Dae 113: Part 4

Cold openEdit

No cold open. Color plate of Raki and Priscilla in the original Jump SQ publication.[9]


In Ticelli village, Raki kneels helplessly in pain, pierced with parasitic rods. He asks Priscilla what she meant by finding the scent she has been searching for.[10]

Priscilla says has finally found the source of the scent that Raki carries. And that she is done with him, but gives him her "thanks."[11]



Within the Executive chamber at Organization Headquarters, Dae meets with the Executive and Men in Black. Dae presents Priscilla's arm and asks about its ownership.[12]

Scene 110a
Dae and the mystery arm

Dae possesses Yoma sensing ability like other Yoma-entities. He senses that the arm is more powerful than the three Abyssal Ones. He speculates that the owner could be a former No. 1.[13]

Those present enumerates eight possible candidates—Hysteria, Licht, Chloe, Sistina, Roxanne, Teresa, Lutecia and Cassandra. But no conclusion is reached.[14]


After the meeting, Dae approaches Chief Limt and asks for permission to restart an abandoned project. Dae warns otherwise the Organization will be helpless against a "mysterious group prowling the lands" (Ghosts), "disaffected warriors" and an unknown Abyssal. Limt gives permission.[15]

Northern PathEdit


In an unnamed region, the Ghosts and Dietrich stop on a mountain path. They debate which direction they should go.[16]

Tabitha detects Claymore warriors nearby. Dietrich suspects a hunt led by No. 7, Anastasia.[17]

Recall from AlfonsEdit

Anastasia's hunt, lead by No. 7, Anastasia, returns to Organization Headquarters by going south down a mountain path which leads to Alfons going the opposite direction. Accompanying her is No. 15, Nike, and Keira and Phina.[18]

They are met by a man who awakens. In the ensuing battle, Anastasia seems to float midair as she fights.[19] But a group of dazed men surround the warriors. They too are about to awaken.[20]

Additional detailsEdit


  • The sequence where Priscilla gives Raki her "thanks" with her arm parodies the sequence where Ilena gives Clare "A parting gift" of Ilena's right arm[21]
  • Dae's ability to sense Yoma energy is among several indications that the Organization personnel may not be completely human
  • One English-language scanlation refers to the generic "mountain path to the north"[22] as a proper-named "Northern Path," a scanlation invention

Cover artEdit

Jump SQ 01 January 2011
Jump SQ January 2011


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