Scene 107
Scene 107a
Return of "Hilda"

Original magazine title

幻影と幻覚[1] Gen'ei to Genkaku

Issue, release date

October 2010, 4 September 2010

Tankōbon title

幻影を胸に II[2] Gen'ei o Mune ni II, volume 19

US tankōbon title

Phantoms in the Heart, Part 2[3]

New character



I mustn't kill them.[4]




Organization Headquarters[6]

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  • Phantoms arc:
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    • Scene 107 107: Part 2
    • Scene 108 108: Part 3
    • Scene 109 109: Part 4

Cold openEdit

Miria battle the Twin Trainees, as they take turns awakening.[7]


The twins together strike Miria. But they struck a mirage, their swords crossed.[8]

While the other Man in Black are impressed by Miria's performance, Rubel suspects Miria's Yoma energy is running out.[9]


Miria wonders if she should kill the twins. Accidentally, she cuts off one of their arms.[10]

A Man in Black notes how one twin's fighting ability lessens when the other twin is injured.[11]

Miria makes her fateful decision—she cannot kill a sister warrior.[12]

Trump CardEdit

Warrior No. 10, Rafutera, watches the battle. Previously, Miria's aura was suppressed. But now that Miria is releasing Yoma energy, Rafutera can use Yoma power harmonization, aligning her Yoma power with Miria's.[13]

Miria's vision turns hazy. Rafutera probes the depths of Miria's mind and amplifies Miria's deepest feelings. Miria hallucinates the twin as being Hilda. Miria refuses to fight back, despite the sword blows. Finally the twin impales her sword into Miria's abdomen.[14]

Scene 107b
Miria surrounded

The other warriors revive and surround Miria, now on her knees. They cut her down.[15]

Additional detailsEdit


Cover artEdit

Clare on front panel of cover.

Jump SQ 10 October 2010
Jump SQ October 2010


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