Scene 101
Scene 101

Original magazine title

[1] Kusabi

Issue, release date

April 2010, 4 March 2010

Tankōbon title

ロートレクの灰燼 VI[2] Rōtoreku no Kaijin VI, volume 18

US tankōbon title

Ashes of Lautrec, Part 6[3]

New character



I must be a block. A great big the name of Jean.[4]





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Cold openEdit

No cold open.



In the face of Priscilla, Clare cannot maintain her awakened form. Flashbacks to Pieta, when Clare fights Rigaldo, to when Noel fights Priscilla, and to Alfons, where during the 7-year timeskip, Clare trains to fight Priscilla.[6]

Scene 101a
Alfons flashback


Back in the present, Clare tries to awaken, but keeps reverting. When Helen asks Deneve if Priscilla is responsible, Deneve remembers Clare's reaction to Jean's death in Pieta. Deneve realizes that guilt is placing a "block" inside Clare's mind, preventing her from awakening.[7]

The idea of using the rods comes to Deneve, as Priscilla beats down Clare. Finally defeated, Clare lies helpless.[8]


Using Flexible Limb Stretching, Helen grabs a small rod from the ground and hurls it toward Priscilla. Deneve halves the rod midair. One halve ejects mini-rods, which hit Priscilla. The distraction allows Deneve to rescue Clare.[9]

Helen splits a tree-size rod, of which the inner core also eject rods that hit Priscilla. Despite being penetrated by the rods, Priscilla bursts them off her body.[10]



In a canyon, Yuma senses the approach of Hellcats. Yuma climbs out of the canyon to decoys the Hellcats away from Cynthia, who lies unconscious.[11]

Cynthia's body has been regenerated. Above her, Yuma tries to fight the Hellcats. But a rod wounds her sword arm. She pushes out the rod with the hilt of her sword, but her arm is now useless. Cornered by the Hellcat, Yuma awaits death. Her soliloquy is a mix of gladness and regrets.[12]


Dietrich suddenly appears. And brings with her the Abyss Feeders.[13]

Additional detailsEdit


  • Claymore reference and forum websites usually use the scanlation "wedge" instead of the later VIZ Media "block"

Cover artEdit

Jump SQ 04 April 2010
Jump SQ April 2010


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