Rigaldo as the Silver Lion from Memorabilia

Rigaldo's Symbol

VIZ Media name

Rigaldo[1] (en-us Speaker)


Name: Rigaldo[2] (de), Rigardo[3] (de anime Speaker, fr anime Speaker), Rigard[4] (es-es Speaker), Rigald[5] (fr Speaker), Riccardo[6] (it Speaker), 리가르도[7] Ligaleudo (ko), Ригальд Rigald Speaker (ru), 里加魯特[8] Lǐjiālǔtè Speaker (zh-hk), 理卡路德[9] Lǐkǎlùdé Speaker (zh-tw)
Nickname: Rigaldo, der silberäugige Löwenkönig[10] (The Silver-eyed Lion King de), Silver Lion[11] (en-us), The Silver-eyed Lion King[12] (en-us anime Speaker), Il re Leone[13] (The Lion King it Speaker)

Original name

リガルド[14] Rigarudo Speaker

Rank No.

2 of the Initial Male Era[15]


Awakened, killed by Clare


Organization, Isley, Northern Army






She's amazing.[17]

Anime voice

Vic Mignogna (en-us),
Simone D'Andrea (it),
Hiro Yuuki (ja),
Carlo Landrito (tl)

First appearance

Scene 56, Anime Scene 20



The original Japanese Claymore name, リガルド, transliterates from "Rigaud" Speaker. Ultimately from "Raginald," derived from the Germanic elements ragi (advice) and wald (rule).

"Reynaldo" (es) or "Rinaldo" (it) are other translation possibilities for リガルド, as well as "Ligardes" (fr).

VIZ Media and FUNimation both use "Rigaldo."[18]

Avex anime (ja) variously uses "Rigarudo" Speaker and "Rigaud" Speaker.


Sometimes mistaken for the similarly spelled リカルド (Rikarudo Speaker), the Japanese transliteration for "Riccardo" (Richard).

The Italian edition uses "Riccardo"[19], a possible allusion to Richard I of England, also known as Richard the Lionheart.


It may derive from the French Baroque painter Hyacinthe Rigaud Speaker, painter of kings, such as the "Sun King," Louis XIV of France.


Rigaldo's nickname is often translated as "Silver-eyed Lion King,"[20] "Roi des lions aux yeux d'argent," and the like.

In Scene 56, Isley questions Rigaldo's maturity, calling him 銀眼の獅子王[21] Gin Gan no Shishiō Speaker, which can be loosely translated in as "Silver Lion Cub King," an unsubtle parody of Isley's own nickname (Silver King).

Rigaldo dislikes it for obvious reasons.



Rigaldo resembles "Suda," the high school class president who appears in Norihiro Yagi's earlier series, Angel Densetsu.[22]

Suda from Angel Densetsu

Claymore warriorEdit


Blonde mop-top hair and silver eyes. Appears to be in late teens–early-20s.


Early basic Organization uniform. A plate buckle hold 3-layer spaulders on the shoulders. Instead of the later carrier, a simple hook attached to a back buckle holds the sword.[23]

Rudimentary faulds only cover the hips. Vambraces protect the forearms up to the elbow.

Rigaldo in uniform
Rigaldo in uniform

Warriors of the Initial Male Era wear neither a dicky with a symbol, nor a cape.



Dark mop-top with strands over eyes. Wears boots, spaulders, fauld plate on hip and belts.

Rigaldo standing
Rigaldo standing


Biped lion of varying unknown heights, though taller than Claymore warriors. Anthropomorphic lions trace back to the Paleolithic age more than 30,000 years ago and are the oldest known chimea.[24] Rigaldo leonine form is similar to the earlier Zodd of the Berserk series.


Rigaldo appears calm and composed, allowing him to be Isley's most cooly, efficient warrior. However, Isley alludes to a hidden, volatile side to Rigaldo's personality, which Isley witnessed in the past.[25]



Rigaldo is an offensive type.[26] Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," his ability and baselines are unknown. Appears to have a high agility baseline.


Claymore warriorEdit

Early life unknown. Claymore warrior No. 2 of the male era.[27]

Vinci HillEdit


During the male era of Claymore warriors, Isley (No. 1), Rigaldo (No. 2) and Dauf (No. 3) meet on Vinci Hill.[28] Isley announces that No. 4, Chronos, is the fourth single-digit to awaken. Rigaldo realizes that all the warriors will awaken and any action is futile.[29] But before he awakens himself, he challenges Isley to a sword-fight, as he never accepted the No. 2 rank given by the Organization.[30]


But before Isley and Rigaldo can fight, a young female warrior appears.[31] She introduces herself as Riful. Caught unaware, Rigaldo puts away his sword and leaves, as does Isley.[32]



Priscilla, now in the guise of a young girl, wanders through a snowy village. When a stranger offers to help, Priscilla says "I want to eat guts."[33]

Later, Isley and Rigaldo survey the wreckage of the village.[34]

Priscilla shows up naked in a new village. Again, a stranger offers to help. Priscilla responses by killing and feeding on the villagers. But Rigaldo shows up and awakens into his lion form.[35]

From a distance, Isley senses Rigaldo's defeat. Priscilla, in her winged, one-horned awakened form, stands atop Rigaldo's prostrate body.[36]

Isley awakens into his centaur form. But when he fights Priscilla, she destroys the upper half of his torso.[37]

Isley reverts to his human form and submits to Priscilla. He swears allegiance and asks for her greatest wish. She replies that she wants to find her parents in the south. He promises to help.[38]

Battle of the NorthEdit

Assigned by Isley to lead the Northern Army invasion of Pieta during the Battle of the North.

Claymore Rigaldo

Claymore Rigaldo

Isley meets Rigaldo in anime

Engagement IEdit

During the first engagement, all three scouts are killed by the Battle Group.[39]

Engagement IIEdit

Manga and anime diverge here.


At Isley's house, Isley meets Rigaldo in the drawing-room. Rigaldo reports the loss of the three scouts. He argues with Isley over the conduct of the battle. Isley orders Rigaldo to lead the Northern Army and destroy Pieta in a second engagement.[40]

The Northern Army invades Pieta, but loses three awakened. Rigaldo decides to decapitate the battle group leadership. He kills Veronica and Undine, then wounds Jean. Clare awakens and attacks. But Rigaldo repels Clare and kills Flora.[41]

He wounds Deneve. Clare further awakens and attacks, but Rigaldo dodges her. He finally captures Miria. But Clare cuts off his arm.[42] As Clare and Rigaldo fight, Helen rescues Miria and destroys Rigaldo's arm. Clare gains control of her speed by awakening her left arm into a giant claw, which she uses as a brake. She eventually kills Rigaldo.[43]


Isley meets Rigaldo in a snowy forest. Rigaldo reports the loss of the three scouts. He argues with Isley over the conduct of the campaign. Isley orders Pieta destroyed.[44]

The Northern Army invades Pieta, but retreats. Rigaldo fight sequence similar to manga.[45]

Claymore End of Rigaldo

Claymore End of Rigaldo

End of Rigaldo


After the 7-year timeskip, Clare fights Priscilla in Lautrec. Clare remembers using her size and speed against Rigaldo. [46]

Additional notesEdit



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