VIZ Media name

Rig[1] (en-us Speaker)


Rig[2][3][4] (de Speaker, es-es Speaker, fr Speaker), Rigu[5][6] (de anime Speaker, it Speaker), Lig[7] (en-us anime Speaker), Riga[8][9] (fr anime Speaker, it anime Speaker), Ригу[10] Riga Speaker (ru), 利古[11] Lìgǔ Speaker (zh-hk), 里格[12] Lǐgé Speaker (zh-tw)

Original name

リグ[13] Rigu Speaker



Current status

Killed by Teresa


Bandit gang




That was my only hand. Give it back.[14]

Anime voice

Michael Iwannek (de),
Jerry Jewell (en-us),
Federico Zanandrea (it),
Ginpei Sato (ja)

First appearance

Scene 13, Anime Scene 5


リグ transliterates from "Rig," either from Old English rigge or hrycg (ridge). Or alluding to a castrated horse or bull—Rig loses his hand, symbolizing castration.


20ish. Wears spaulders on shoulders and headband. Carries a short sword in a leg scabbard.

Rig standing
Rig in profile


Uncouth and swaggering. Homicidal, psychopathic.


Early life unknown.

Forest raidEdit

At night, a mysterious girl reaches Teresa's camp. Teresa tries to frighten the girl away, but they are interrupted by a gang of bandits, lead by "Boss."[15]

Teresa cut off the hand of one bandit, Rig, who grabs the girl. Rig appears in danger of bleeding to death, but Boss shows no concern. Teresa offers her body to the bandits, but when they see the stigma on her abdomen, they flee.[16]

New old nameEdit

As Teresa and the girl travel through the wilderness, Teresa decides to name the girl. She guesses correctly that the girl's name is Clare, one of the twin goddesses of love, the other being Teresa.[17] As they head for the next town, Rig follows.[18]


Teresa and Clare are in sight of Rokut village.[19]

That night, as Clare sleeps, Teresa goes into the forest. She knows Rig has been following them. She waits for Rig, who appears.[20]

Claymore Teresa frightens off Rig

Claymore Teresa frightens off Rig

Teresa confronts Rig

Blase, Teresa consents to sex. But Clare hits Rig with a stick. Rig strikes back, but before he can beat Clare, Teresa grabs his sword and threatens to behead him. Rig flees in terror.[21]

Clare speaksEdit

Clare finally speaks. Instead of recoiling horror, Clare hugs Teresa's exposed stigma, asking if it hurts. She says back in the village, she saw the same pain in Teresa's eyes as Clare sees in herself.[22]

The two finally bond as mother and daughter.[23]

New lifeEdit

At a Rokut dress-shop, Teresa has Clare try on new clothes.[24]

Saying farewellEdit

Teresa kills a Yoma, completing her assignment. She leaves Clare with a couple. Despite Clare's pleads, Teresa insists that Clare should live among normal humans. Teresa says farewell and leaves Rokut.[25]

Bandit raidEdit

As she walks down the road, the gang of bandits gallop past her. She realizes that the Yoma was the only thing protecting the town from the bandits.[26]

She races back, but the most of the villagers are dead. Teresa sees Rig dragging an unconscious Clare. She cut off his remaining hand, then kills him.[27]

Teresa then tells the gang, "Say your wretches. I'm going to kill...every last one of you."[28]


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