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VIZ Media name

Riful[1] Speaker.svg (en-us)


Name: Riful[2][3] (de Speaker.svg, fr Speaker.svg, it Speaker.svg), Rifuru[4] Speaker.svg (es-es), 리플[5] Lipeul Speaker.svg (ko), Рифл[6] Rifl Speaker.svg (ru), 莉芙路[7] Lìfúlù Speaker.svg (zh-hk), 莉弗爾[8] Lìfúěr Speaker.svg (zh-tw)
Nickname: Riful of the West[9] Speaker.svg, Rifuru, del Oeste[10] Speaker.svg (Rifuru of West es-es), Riful de l'Ouest[11] Speaker.svg (Riful of the West fr), Riful del l'Ovest[12] Speaker.svg (Riful of the West it), 西のリフル[13] Nishi no Rifuru Speaker.svg (Riful of the West ja), 女帝リフル[14] Jotei Rifuru Speaker.svg (Empress Riful ja), 서쪽의 리플[15] Seojjog-ui Lipeul Speaker.svg (Riful of the West ko), Западное Порождение Бездны[16] Zapadnoye Porozhdeniye Bezdny Speaker.svg (Western Generation Abyssal ru), 的西方的莉芙路[17] De Xīfāng de Lìfúlù Speaker.svg (Riful of the West zh-hk), 深淵者西之[18] Shēnyuān Zhě Xi Zhī Speaker.svg (Abyssal of the West zh-tw)

Original name

リフル[19] Rifuru Speaker.svg

Rank No.

1 of the First Generation (Riful Era)[20]

Current status

Awakened, killed by Priscilla


Organization, Dauf, daughter


Offensive:[21] Riffling ability




We just want to hurt you, awaken you and make friends.[22]

Anime voice

Rubina Kuraoka (de),
Brittney Karbowski (child en-us),
Cynthia Cranz (awakened en-us),
Loredana Foresta (it),
Nana Mizuki (ja),
Pinky Rebucas (tl)

First appearance

Scene 42, Anime Scene 15

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The original Japanese Claymore name, リフル, transliterates from "Riffle." Possibly alluding to the English verb "riffle."

Riful's awakened form is similar to the "Riffle Shuffle" used in playing cards, also spelled リフル, as in リフルシャッフル Speaker.svg.

リフル = Riffle, シャッフル = Shuffle.

Dae refers to Riful as "Empress Riful."[23]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Claymore warrior[edit | edit source]

Physical[edit | edit source]

Appears as "tween," 8–12 years old, with blonde hair and silver eyes.

Uniform[edit | edit source]

Design of the (female) First Generation uniform falls midway between the Initial Male Era and the Old Generation eras of Luciela and Teresa. Innovations are a dicky covering the throat—but no symbol—and a cape hanging from the horns of a sword carrier.[24]

In other aspects, Riful's uniform resembles the male era's. A 2-band buckle hold 3-layer spaulders on the shoulders.[25] The cape is attached under the spaulders. Riful lacks a full skirt of faulds—bands are worn only on the hips, as do the male warriors.[26]

Riful in uniform.jpg
First Generation uniform

Awakened[edit | edit source]

Human[edit | edit source]

Unlike the silver eyes and blonde hair of Claymore warriors, Riful has brown eyes and ribbon-shaped locks of brunette hair.

Awakened[edit | edit source]

Cecaelia-like in appearance. Ribbons sandwich into torso, supported by other ribbons acting as tentacles. "Hair" locks also ribbon-like. Riful splitting apart under attack also suggests the shuffling of playing cards.

Riful awakened link.jpg

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cheerfully amoral. Has surprising sentimental side.

In Chaldean Numerology, the number 1, Riful's number, is the number of someone fated to dominate over all others. Or fail catastrophically.

Datasheet[edit | edit source]

Class[edit | edit source]

Riful is an offensive type.[27] Due to their high level, the baselines of Creatures of the Abyss are not measurable and therefore unknown.[28]

In theory, a baseline chart would consist of all EXs, EX being the Organization's rating for "unmeasurable."[29] Her immerse Yoma aura strikes fear within all Claymore warriors who sense it.

Riful appears to have a high strength baseline, given her riffling ability. Her entire "body" is constructed like a deck of cards. Strips of Yoma tissue are laminated into either a facsimile of a human body or an awakened. These strips can "riffle" at will in either avoidance or attack. Similar to the Double-helical ability of Octavia.

Technique[edit | edit source]

Unknown. Would be based on ability above.

History[edit | edit source]

Claymore warrior No. 1 of first female generation.[30] Also youngest No. 1.[31]

Witch's Maw[edit | edit source]

In an abandoned castle, Riful, from her throne, supervises Dauf in awakening members of Zakol hunt, Jean and Katea. After Katea awakens, Dauf tests her power, but finds her too weak. Riful orders Katea destroyed, despite awakening 29 previous subjects.[32]

When Dauf senses Clare's approach, Riful orders him to deal with Clare.[33]

Round I[edit | edit source]

Upstairs, Clare destroys a Yoma pack.[34] Dauf bursts through floor and kills a fleeing Yoma. Clare attacks Dauf, who captures her. Then Galatea arrives.[35]

Round II[edit | edit source]

Using Yoma Energy Alignment and Control, Galatea makes Dauf drop Clare into her waiting arms.[36] Galatea tries to leave. But Dauf caves-in entrance. But all his rods miss their target. Galatea cuts off Dauf's hand.[37]

Riful appears and couches Dauf on circumventing Galatea's technique.[38]
Riful of the West

During battle, Riful explains she needs the warriors to awaken, so they can join her army. The enemy is Isley of the North. Riful inadvertently reveals Priscilla's existence.[39] When Clare demands to know Priscilla's whereabouts, Riful promises to tell if Clare can land one sword blow on her. Riful almost tricks Clare into awakening, but Galatea reverts her back.[40]

To break the stalemate, Galatea orders Clare to retrieve Jean, while she holds off Dauf.[41]

Round III[edit | edit source]

Clare discovers Jean awakened butterfly form. Clare uses Galatea's technique to revert Jean to normal.[42]

Upstairs, Galatea is exhausted, but Clare and Jean arrive in time. Galatea and Clare distract Dauf, while Jean attacks his throat with Drill Sword. In the ensuing battle, Dauf slams Galatea and Clare together, then strikes down Jean, but losing most of his fingers.[43]

Round IV[edit | edit source]

Clare asks Jean to try once more. This time, Clare's Quicksword—guided by Preemptive Sensing—prevents Dauf from slamming his arms together on the warriors.

Jean bores through Dauf's throat. She intends to behead him.[44] But Riful awakens her arm and grabs Jean and slams her to the floor. Then she rewards Galatea and Clare by giving back Jean.

Riful fully awakens, destroying the castle. The Claymore warriors are now outside. Riful addresses Galatea and Clare: "You held me off and didn't break, despite my efforts." One mistranslation has Riful speaking to Dauf instead: "Someone like you who can accept me without breaking." Mistranslation repeated in English dub of anime.

Riful awakens

Riful further awards the warriors by giving them their freedom. Then disappears skyward.[45]

Northern Army[edit | edit source]

Riful and Dauf kill 12 members of the Northern Army. But this is misdirection by [[Isley].[46]

When Riful and Dauf go to Mucha to support Luciela, they arrive too late. Luciela is defeated and dead. When Riful meets Isley and Priscilla, she orders a retreat.[47] But Riful finds the merged sisters and brings them back to Lautrec.[48]

But Riful recovers Luciela x Rafaela. But to awaken the entity, she needs someone skilled in Yoma power sensing.[49]

7-year timeskip[edit | edit source]

Audrey's Hunt[edit | edit source]

On a talent search, Riful confronts Audrey and Rachel. Rachel uses Strong Sword to "split" Riful's body.

As Rachel continues striking, Audrey tries to attack Riful's "wound." But the two warriors learn that the split sections of Riful are her true form—not something they created from sword strokes.[50]

Riful realizes the warriors are not what she needs. She impales both warriors, intending to dispose of them.[51]

Miria, Deneve, Helen and Clare first knock unconscious the other two hunt members, then rescue Audrey and Rachel.[52]

While three of the Ghosts flee the area with their rescuees, one Ghost stays behind, much to Riful's surprise—Clare.[53]

Riful reveals what transpired during the 7-year timeskip.[54]

Doga[edit | edit source]

After a confrontation with Raki and Priscilla in Doga, Renée flees the presence of Dauf's Yoma power. But Riful captures her.[55]

Witch's Maw II[edit | edit source]

Renée later wakes up in a cellar, finding herself suspended midair, her limbs and one arm cut off. Riful forces Renée to awaken Luciela x Rafaela.[56]

In a Lautrec forest, Dauf run into Clare, Cynthia and Yuma. He catches Yuma by her leg, but Clare cuts it off. The warriors escape. While Cynthia heals Yuma, Clare follows Dauf back to the castle. A new fight starts inside.[57]

The fight upstairs distracts Riful, which allows Renée to take her aura suppressant and escape undetected. While Riful and Dauf are busy, Clare reenters the castle and finds Luciela x Rafaela. Clare enters its mind.[58]

Destroyer[edit | edit source]

At a distance, Riful and Dauf watch Destroyer rise sky-high. Dauf urges Riful not to engage Destroyer. Riful and Dauf are attacked by Abyss Feeders,[59] then Alicia and Beth.[60]

During the 3-way battle, Destroyer fires parasitic Rods, hitting all three parties. In the confusion Riful retreats, dragging along Dauf. He asks that she abandon him, so she can flee to safety.[61]

Priscilla[edit | edit source]

After Priscilla kills Alicia and Beth, she eats Riful.[62] But Dauf survives and gives in to infection of parasitic rods, allowing him to regenerate at the cost of his consciousness.[63]

Dauf pursues Priscilla, as she pursues Deneve, Helen and Clare. He attacks Priscilla. But during the fight, Riful's upper torso slips from his hand.[64] When Dauf glances at it, Priscilla destroys his right arm, then left. When Priscilla regains her memory, she kills Dauf.[65]

Riful's daughter[edit | edit source]

Wanderer[edit | edit source]

After the Claymore Rebellion, the Ghosts and Raki return to Rabona, where a group of awakened, led by Chronos, await Priscilla's emergence. The Ghosts and Raki free Clare from the Yoma cocoon, but also release a Destroyer–Priscilla entity.

Later, the bottom half of a female torso wanders through the forest. When it falls, blood and tentacles flow from the open cross-section. The fleshy strips form the head of a young girl, Riful's daughter.[66]

Chronos and Lars remotely sense the entity's aura. Chronos judges the aura is similar, but unlike that of Riful.[67]

Prey or predator?[edit | edit source]

While the Ghosts engages Cassandra, elsewhere Destroyer–Priscilla confronts Riful's daughter. Destroyer–Priscilla places a hand on the girl's head, possibly to absorb the creature. But the girl declares her hatred of Priscilla and hurls her back. The girl opens her mouth and launches Yoma rods resembling those of Dauf's.[68]

Destroyer–Priscilla counterattacks with her own rods, but the girl smashes the rods with her hair tentacles, then launches more rods.[69]

Revenge from the grave[edit | edit source]

The 残滓 zanshi (remnants) of Riful's flesh continues to hurl back Destroyer–Priscilla. Owing to Destroyer–Priscilla fighting itself, Destroyer–Priscilla cannot regenerate itself as Riful's daughter get the upper hand.[70]

Both Chronos and Lars are terrified that the daughter is defeating Destroyer–Priscilla.[71]

Destroyer–Priscilla is driven into the earth with punches and fired rods. With one hand, Riful's daughter digs into the ground and retrieves Destroyer–Priscilla. She begins to pull off Priscilla's head.[72]

Regurgitation[edit | edit source]

Priscilla is temporarily defeated, but escapes the grip of Riful's daughter. Priscilla rejoins her near-severed head and vomits out the remains of the Destroyer.[73]

Priscilla thanks Riful's daughter for helping to expel the Destroyer.[74]

New binary entity[edit | edit source]

Endless energy[edit | edit source]

In a perpetual cycle, Priscilla and Riful's daughter damage each other then regenerate. Riful's daughter has overcome her energy limit by tapping into the remnants of the Destroyer. Priscilla begins to realize this herself, as does Rubel.[75]

Dae says that with the young Abyssal's endless supply of energy, the two combatants are now evenly matched. He invites Rubel to stay and watch to see the ultimate outcome.[76]

Additional details[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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