Renée's Symbol

VIZ Media name

Renée[1] (en-us Speaker)


Renée[2] (de Speaker), Lune[3] (es-es Speaker), 르네[4] Leune (ko), 露妮[5] Lùnī Speaker (zh-hk), 露涅[6] Lùniè Speaker (zh-tw)

Original name

ルネ[7] Rune Speaker

Rank No.

6[8] of the Next Generation

Current status

Unknown. Presumably killed by Riful








How did you recognize the Yoma?[10]

First appearance

Scene 81


ルネ transliterates from from "Renée," female variant of René. From Late Latin Renatus (born again). Or alternatively, from Germanic Raginald, from elements ragin (advice) and wald (rule). Compare to Rigaldo.

Name of 16th century French princess.



Hair braided in cornrows. Stern appearance.


A winged-crescent buckle holds 3-layer spaulders on the shoulders.[11] Her faulds skirt lacks a seat plate.[12]


Has a haughty manner with Raki. But gravely frightened when confronted by Priscilla and Riful.



Renée is a defensive type.[13] Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," her ability and baselines are unknown. Appears to have a high sensing baseline.


Her sensing ability enables an unknown technique of distance sensing of Yoma power.[14]

As a result, Renée is the Organization's Eyes of the Next Generation.[15]


Early life unknown. First mention by a Man in Black during the Executive meeting with Clarice.[16] Possibly alluded to by Limt during and after an argument with Galatea.[17]


Yoma auraEdit

The Organization's Eyes of the Next Generation, Renée, is on an unknown mission in the western region of Lautrec. From atop a hill, she senses a faint Yoma aura in the vicinity of Doga. Though no Claymore warriors are in the area, it feels to her as if a warrior were taking suppressant.[18]


In Doga, Renée confronts Raki with a Yoma's skullcap. She demands to know how he detected the Yoma before killing it. When he equivocates, she grabs him by the throat. But a small child intervenes. Renée at first ignores her, but suddenly retreats in a flash.[19]

Raki tries to reassure Renée, who cannot believe he would let the "child" accompany him.[20]

No. 47Edit

Raki asks about Clare's whereabouts. Renée never heard of " this Clare person," but promises to convey a message should she meet her.[21]

After Renée leaves, Raki pats head of Priscilla.[22]

Talent scoutEdit

After Renée leaves town, she senses the aura of an awakened being. She flees, but is ambushed by Riful, who pins Renée down with tentacles.

What Renée sensed earlier was Dauf's distant aura, as well as Riful's hidden Yoma energy. As a result, Renée passed Riful's test.[23]

Witch's Maw IIEdit


Renée regains consciousness. She hangs from ceiling of castle cellar. Her arm is missing. Below sits Riful.[24]

Renée sees both legs missing—she screams. Riful offers to let Renée reattach her limbs if she cooperates. Dauf drags in a strange object. He raises it in front of Renée.[25]

Thing of beautyEdit

Renée gazes in horror at the fused Luciela x Rafaela.[26] Riful tells Renée of her goal to awaken the entity.[27]

Renée demands that she be allowed to reattach her limbs, before probing Luciela x Rafaela.[28]

Riful relents. Dauf lowers Renée to floor. As reattaches her limbs, she probes the entity.[29]


Renée finds life fragments of someone. But when she touches it, an explosion hurls her back into the physical world.[30]

She realizes the entity must never awaken.[31]



In Lacroix, Clare and Cynthia fight a female awakened, while Yuma knocks unconscious an Organization search party. Awakened killed.[32] But Rubel witnesses everything. Later in a private meeting, Cynthia realizes that Rubel is a mole for the Dragons' allies.[33]

Rubel plays on their sympathies by claiming that Rafaela and Renée are being held captive by Riful. Clare suspects that Rubel is only trying to get them killed.[34]


Baited by Rubel, the warriors search for Renée and Rafaela. In forest, they encounter Dauf, who grabs Yuma's leg—Clare cuts it off. While Cynthia regenerates Yuma's leg, Clare follows Dauf into Witch's Maw II. Fight inside castle results. But Clare escapes.[35]

Race against timeEdit

In the cellar, Renée tries reattaching her limbs as quickly as possible. She senses Luciela x Rafaela awakening, while Riful notices the commotion upstairs.[36]


As Dauf and Clare fight, they demolish castle interior. Clare escapes through hole in the wall. Riful grabs Dauf with her tentacles, stopping him from doing more damage. After he explains what happened, Riful awakens and searches for Clare.[37]


Renée takes Suppressant and flees. Dauf tries to pursue her, but she loses him.[38] Riful destroys all life in the surrounding forest, killing Renée, but barely missing Clare.[39]

While Riful and Dauf are distracted by Renée, Clare reenters the castle.[40]

Return to castleEdit

Inside the castle, Clare finds the chamber where hangs Luciela x Rafaela.[41]

Additional detailsEdit



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