Manga Raquel in anime

VIZ Media name

Raquel[1] (en-us Speaker)


Raquel[2] (es-es Speaker), Rachel[3][4] (fr Speaker, it Speaker), 라켈[5] Lakel (ko), Ракель Rakelʹ Speaker (ru), 拉琪露[6] Lāqílù Speaker (zh-hk), 拉凱兒[7] Lākǎier Speaker (zh-tw)

Original name

ラケル[8] Rakeru Speaker

Rank No.

Unknown rank of the Current Generation

Current status

Killed by Dauf








What is it?[9]

First appearance

Scene 41, Anime Scene 15


ラケル transliterates from "Raquel," a Spanish and Portuguese form of Rachel. Named only in the manga. Unnamed in the anime.

The Glénat Édition Française edition uses "Rachel" for both the Zakol hunt member[10] and warrior No. 5[11] of the Next Generation, also named Rachel in the VIZ Media edition.[12]



Raquel's face is never is shown in the manga. She wears a short, clippered nape hairstyle.[13] Her face appears briefly in the anime.[14]


In the anime, a basic band buckle holds 3-layer spaulders on the shoulders.[15] The manga Raquel wears 2-layer spaulders.[16] The faulds skirt lacks a seat plate.[17]



Unknown type. Possibly an offensive type as she lacks regenerative ability.

Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," her ability and baselines are unknown.


Early life unknown.


In the manga, Raquel first appears with the Zakol hunt, which marches past Clare's inn in Hamel.[18] Anime credits lists "Raquel" as the unnamed warrior (with hime hairstyle), who escapes the Witch's Maw and speaks with Clare before dying.[19]

Witch's MawEdit

Raquel next seen dead in castle cellar, where Dauf, under Riful's supervision, tortures Zakol Hunt.[20]

After Clare reverses Jean's awakening, Jean glances at Raquel's body and swears to avenge her and Katea's deaths (Scene 47).[21] Jean has yet to be told about the warrior who escaped to Hamel.[22]


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