Clare brings Teresa's pouch and faulds


Hüftbeutel[1] (de Speaker.svg), Pouch[2] (en-us)

Original name



Small bag worn on belt




Claymore warriors

First appearance

Scene 22, Anime Scene 8

Etymology[edit | edit source]

First mention by Clare.[3] She calls it a "waist pouch" in the VIZ Media translation.

Description[edit | edit source]

A rectangular bag attached to the belt from which the individual faulds hang together to form a skirt.[4] The pouch is presumably used to carry personal effects, such as money and suppressant pills. The French edition has Clare implying that Teresa carries the pouch behind her kidneys,[5] thereby hidden under the cape.

Scene 022a.jpg
Pouch in manga

Memorabilia[edit | edit source]

Two memorabilia accessory items, a "Claymore Teresa Bag" and a "Clare Messenger Bag," are manufactured by GE Animation. Each is embossed with the associated anime character.

Claymore Teresa Bag.jpg
Claymore Teresa Bag

References[edit | edit source]

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