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VIZ Media name



Espejismo[2] (es-es), illusion[3] (fr), mirragio[4] (it), Фантом[5] Fantom (ru)

Original name

幻影[6] Gen'ei Speaker.svg (Phantom)


Offensive:[7] 瞬発速撃[8] Madokahatsu soku geki Speaker.svg (Instant Speed Attack)


Attacking target while dodging counterattack, using hyper-speed and mirage





Associated technique

New Phantom


For a brief moment, you can move at a frightening speed. For that instant, you're faster than any other warrior.[9]

First appearance

Scene 28, Anime Scene 10


幻影 translates as "phantom" or "illusion." Alludes to afterimage created from hyper-fast movement.

Miria's datasheet names and describes the technique.[10] In the VIZ Media translation, the Paburo awakened mentions Miria's nickname, "Phantom," in Scene 28.[11] But only in Scene 58 does Clare actually name the technique,[12] as she does in other translations.


Instant Attack Speed enables this technique: releasing bursts of Yoma power enables hyper-fast movement, leaving afterimage in opponent's vision, creating confusion.[13]

Hyper-fast stop-and-go movement creates multiple images. Also, hyper-fast movement dodges counterattack.[14] At time of Organization evaluation, Miria's Yoma power baseline (B+) limits Phantom to 20-30 moves. [15]

Yoma power usage 60–high-70%,[16] Yoma power control 75%,[17] attack speed 75%.[18] Technique third fastest.[19] See Yoma power chart and Sword chart.

The Phantom resembles the technique used in Norihiro Yagi's earlier series, Angel Densetsu.[20]

"Phantom" in Angel Densetsu


Phantom Miria[]

In flashback, Ermita notes new Miria's technique. He tells Ophelia that Miria will be promoted to single-digit status.[21]

Paburo Mountains[]

During the Paburo hunt, Miria's companions are lying wounded. She recovers everyone.[22]

Phantom in action

The Paburo awakened cannot score a hit with his tentacles. He can only strike mirages.[23]

But he suspects that Miria has limits. After 30 Phantom moves, Miria fatigues her Yoma energy and he finally pins her down.[24]

Battle of the North[]

Engagement I[]

During the first engagement with the three scouts, Team Miria fights the Dreadlock awakened. Eventually, Miria kills Dreadlock.[25]

Engagement II[]

Manga and anime diverge here.


The Northern Army invades Pieta. After loss of three awakened, Rigaldo decides to decapitate the battle group leadership. He kills Veronica and Undine, then wounds Jean. Clare awakens and attacks. But Rigaldo repels Clare and kills Flora.[26]

He wounds Deneve. Clare further awakens. Rigaldo finally captures Miria, despite the Phantom.[27]


The Northern Army invades Pieta, but inexplicably retreats. The Rigaldo sequence is similar to the manga.[28]

Raki gallops to Pieta, followed by Priscilla. In an alleyway, she awakens and Clare gives chase. Miria leads Deneve and Helen to volcano, where Clare and Priscilla fight.[29]

After Clare's defeat, Priscilla fights Miria, Deneve and Helen. Phantom easily defeated.[30]

7-year timeskip[]

During the 7-year timeskip Miria develops a Yoma powerless replacement, the New Phantom, to avoid Yoma power release that would reveal her presence to Organization.[31]


In deserted village, Clare finds evidence that Raki may be alive. Back at cavern hideout, she announces her intent to go south. Miria tests Clare's fighting ability with New Phantom. Satisfied, Miria says she will accompany Clare. But everyone decides to go en masse.[32]


In Rabona, Ghosts defeat Agatha. Agatha cannot detect Miria's, nor any other warrior's, attack moves.[33]

Later, Tabitha senses Alicia and Beth speeding westward. Miria suspects their target is Riful. Dietrich confirms her suspicions.[34] With Alicia-Beth preoccupied, Organization's main defense is gone.[35]

Miria sees her opportunity to attack the Organization—alone. To prevent Tabitha from following, Miria paralyzes Tabitha. Then puts on her old uniform and sets out for Sutafu.[36]


New Phantom attack[]

At Headquarters, Miria disables most warriors, as she did Tabitha. But ends up fighting the Twin Trainees with similar Controlled Awakening as Alicia and Beth.[37]

Rafutera entrains Miria's mind, enabling other warriors to cut down Miria.[38]


Later, as the Rebellion begins, Miria reappears to lead the rebels.[39]

The Men in Black stay indoors as Limt orders the Abyss Feeders to be released. The Abyss Feeders attack the rebels, who are unfamiliar with them. Miria orders the weaker warriors to retreat, while single-digits fight the Abyss Feeders.[40]

Dae releases reanimates Cassandra, Roxanne and Hysteria.[41]


The reanimated warriors instantly cut down the rebels en masse.[42]

Miria ends up fighting "Elegant" Hysteria. Miria discovers that Hysteria uses a technique similar to the Phantom. But where Miria gains distance from attacks, leaving behind afterimages, Hysteria makes passing attacks, her afterimage flowing through target.[43]

"Old" Phantom[]

Miria reverts back to old Phantom, plus partial awakening.[44]

Miria barely survives each strike from Hysteria. Finally, Miria increases her baseline Yoma power to the Phantom's burst level, then jumps it from there.[45]

"Inelegant" Hysteria[]

Miria can now strike Hysteria, even though she also sustains wounds. Hysteria is appalled at this crude technique.[46]


Tankōbon Claymore volumes cited are VIZ Media (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted. Manga scenes (chapters) not yet translated cite Shueisha tankōbon (ja) editions. Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. Fragments of Silver Omnibus (総集編 銀の断章 Gin no Danshou) 1–3, Shueisha, are only available in Japanese. Anime scenes (episodes) cited are FUNimation (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted.

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