Orsay standing
Studio illustration of Orsay

VIZ Media name

Orsay[1] (en-us Speaker)


Orsay[2][3] (de Speaker, fr Speaker), Orse[4] (es-es Speaker), Olse[5] (it Speaker), Орсей[6] Orsyeĭ Speaker (ru)

Original name

オルセ[7] Oruse Speaker



Current status





Man in Black


Logistics, communications, field command, fee collection


So she's known as Teresa of the Faint Smile...the strongest woman among those called Claymores.[8]


Axel Lutter (de),
David Trosko (en-us), Houchu Ohtsuka (ja)

First appearance

Scene 12, Anime Scene 5


オルセー transliterates from "Orsay." May allude to the Musée d'Orsay Speaker of France.

"Orsay" may derive from the Norman village of Arcy, itself deriving from the Gallic elements ars (bear) and the suffix "-acum" (a settlement). Or from the Norman village of Orsai, which derives from the Latin name Orcius.


Wears a monk's cowl, with only his face exposed. Of indeterminate age.[9] Sometimes depicted with engorged veins on his face, similar to Yoma and Claymore warriors awakening. Possibly not fully human and part Yoma.[10]


Stern, parental demeanor. Repeatedly warns Teresa to behave herself.


Early life unknown.


Orsay sends Teresa to Godar Hill on a black card mission, where she is to euthanize the former No. 1, Rosemary.[11]

When Orsay sees Teresa's disheveled state on her return, he asks if Rosemary awoke. Appears ambivalent with Teresa's jocular response that Rosemary did not awaken and that Yoma damaged her uniform.[12]


After completing an assignment in unnamed village, Teresa meets Orsay on outskirts of town. He cautions her not to spread rumors of Yoma being sent by the Organization to punish non-paying villages. He gives a new assignment—the village of Teo.[13]


Teresa executes a bandit gang in the village of Rokut, breaking a cardinal rule of the Organization—never kill humans. [14]

From a hilltop (a roof in the anime), Orsay witnesses everything.[15]

Later on a desert plain, Teresa is surrounded by a purge team. When Orsay refuses to reveal Clare's fate, Teresa paralyzes the warriors. Then leaves with Clare.[16]

Orsay orders warriors No. 2–5 to find and purge Teresa.[17]

Claymore Orsay and Teresa

Claymore Orsay and Teresa

Orsay assessing Teresa


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