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Original name

ノーマ[1] Nōma (Norma)

Rank No.

22 of the Next Generation[2]

Current status



Organization, Ghosts


Unknown type: unknown ability




An Awakened One?[3]

First appearance

Scene 83


ノーマ is a standard transliteration of "Norma," which either derives from the heroine of Felice Romani's 1831 opera Norma, or a feminine form of "Norman," from the Old French Normanz, derived ultimately from the ancient German phrase for "north man."

The birth name of US actress Marilyn Monroe.



Hairstyle: razor-cut shag[4]—similar to but shorter than Miria's. Height unknown—shorter than Lena in Lacroix.[5]


Norma wears a 3-toothed band buckle, which holds 2-layer spaulders on the shoulders. Vambraces cover the forearms over the elbow.[6]


Unknown. At first Norma appears to be blase or bored in Lacroix. Near panic when both the Awakened Being and the Ghosts makes themselves known.



Unknown type. Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," her ability and baselines are unknown.



In Lacroix village, Cynthia, Yuma and Clare look for an Awakened Being they sensed on the outskirts of town. They run into the Lacroix mission, a search and rescue team, composed of three warriors.[7] Later, two Men in Black appear.[8]

Lena, the team captain of the mission, reports that nothing of interest is in the village. However, she is unable to detect a nearby Awakened Being, due to taking suppressant.

Lena 2
Norma with Lena in Lacroix

But when a female bystander awakens, Cynthia and Clare preemptively attack,[9] while Yuma knocks unconscious Norma and an unnamed warrior, then the two Men in Black and Lena.[10]

The Awakened is killed. But Rubel witnesses everything.[11]

Holy CityEdit

Norma is part of the battle group from Organization Headquarters that join the Ghosts in the Holy City of Rabona. On the ramparts of the city, Galatea senses Europa's approaching aura, whose magnitude is of a greater order than the two previous Awakeneds that landed in town.[12]

When Europa crashes through the city walls like a wreaking ball, Audrey orders single-digits and double-digit volunteers to advance onto Anastasia's "wings." Among the volunteers is Norma.[13]


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