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Noel on counterattack

Noel's Symbol.jpg

VIZ Media name

Noel[1] (en-us Speaker.svg)


Name: Noel[2][3][4] (de Speaker.svg, es-es Speaker.svg, it Speaker.svg), Noëlle[5] (fr Speaker.svg), 노엘[6] Noel (ko), Ноэль[7] Noelʹ Speaker.svg (ru), 羅亞路[8] Luóyàlù Speaker.svg (zh-hk), 諾耶爾[9] Nuòyéěr Speaker.svg (zh-tw)
Nickname: Storm Wind Noel[10] (en-us), Noel el Torbellino[11] Speaker.svg (Noel the Maelstrom es-es), Noëlle le Zéphyr[12] (Noel the Breeze fr), 疾風のノエル[13] Hayate no Noeru Speaker.svg (Storm Noel ja)

Original name

ノエル[14] Noeru Speaker.svg

Rank No.

4[15] and 5[16] of the Old Generation (Teresa Era)

Current status

Killed by Priscilla




Offensive:[17] 敏捷速擊[18] Binshō-soku Geki Speaker.svg (Agile Speed Attack)


流れるような高い運動能力[19] Nagareru Yōna Takai Undō Nōryoku Speaker.svg (High Fluid Movement)


Brute strength as usual. Just like a gorilla.[20]

Anime voice

Victoria Sturm (de),
Leah Clark (en-us),
Maïa Michaud (fr),
Gea Riva (it),
Junko Takeuchi (ja)

First appearance

Scene 18, Anime Scene 7


The original Japanese Claymore name, ノエル, transliterates from "Noel," French for "Christmas." Compare to Natalia.

"Noel" is a typically male first name with a few rare exceptions. The usual feminine form is "Noelle" and similar variants.

The Claymore character does not have a nickname in the Germany and Italy editions. English-language scanlations take on the form of "Hurricane," "Galewind" and the like.

Name of the US actress, Noel Neill.



Wispy razor-cut hair frames a mischievous face. More slender physically than most warriors. Tomboyish appearance.


Old Generation uniform. A bat-shaped buckle holds 2-layer spaulders on the shoulders. Mid-calf chausses is typical of the era.

Noel wears Clare's symbol in some anime scenes.

Noel 2.jpg
Noel's uniform


Brash and volatile. Yet paradoxically conforms to Organization norms. As with Sophia, Noel is fearless in face of the awakened Priscilla.

In Chaldean Numerology, the number 4, Noel's former number, is often viewed as the number of immaturity.



Height: 175cm (5ft 8.89in).[21] Dominant arm: right[22]


Noel is an offensive type[23] warrior, her ability being Agile Speed Attack.[24]


Agile Speed Attack enables High Fluid Movement.[25] In the Manga Noel's technique enables her to cut off an arm from the Awakened Priscilla. Years later Clare remembers how her technique made this possible.

Organization assessment[]

She has the greatest agility of all warriors. As a technique, her movement exceeds even the No. 1 Teresa. She is easily angered, but never to the point of preventing her from fulfilling the mission.

With Sophia, they fight like cats and dogs. On each encounter, they argue as to who is the best. Together with Ilena and Sophia, they perceive the threat of the awakened Priscilla, but despite the utmost caution, they are killed with ease.[26]


Early life unknown.



Teresa leaves Clare with a foster family in Rokut. But Teresa returns too late to save the village from bandits, who she executes. Teresa breaks the cardinal rule of Organization—never kill humans. Later she resists execution, when Orsay refuses to reveal Clare's fate. Teresa leaves with Clare.[27]

Warriors No. 2–5 are sent to purge Teresa.[28]

Marked for death[]

Two warriors—Sophia (No. 3) and Noel (No. 4)—meet in a Yoma nest, a town devoid of all human life.[29] As they kill Yoma, they argue who should be No. 3. Noel compares Sophia's strength-based technique to a gorilla's, while Sophia compare's Noel's agility-based technique to a monkey's. Noel challenges Sophia to a fight.[30]

According to the Organization, both Noel and Sophia are equal in combat results, but only one could be No. 3 due to record-keeping requirements.[31]

Sophia versus Noel

But No. 2, Ilena, arrives and stops the fight. She says a new No. 2 has been promoted in her place. Thus, everyone has been demoted by one rank. This angers Noel.[32]

The new No. 2, Priscilla, stumbles from alley. Noel challenges her to a fight, then sees alley filled with dead Yoma. Priscilla has Yoma Energy Control, enabling her to completely turn off Yoma power. Sophia never sensed her fighting in the alley.[33]


At another village, the purge team locates Teresa at the local inn.[34]

Teresa repels the attacks of Ilena. Downstairs, Sophia plunges her sword through ceiling, but Teresa dodges the blade. Despite Teresa's Detailed Yoma Energy Sensing, she does not detect Priscilla's presence, but noticed her shortly afterwards, Priscilla introduces herself.[35]

One-by-one, Teresa defeat the warriors. And without releasing her Yoma Energy. Under Priscilla's leadership, the purge team proves little more than an organized mob.[36]

Last combat[]

Teresa and Clare leave town.[37] But Priscilla awakens and pursues them. On a deserted plateau, Priscilla fights Teresa. Soon the purge team arrives. As everyone watches the fight, Priscilla beheads Teresa.[38]


Priscilla fully awakens into the One-horned Monster.[39]

Noel does not recognize the new Yoma entity. But Ilena reveals to Noel the existence of something beyond a Yoma—an "awakened one."[40]

The purge team attacks. Priscilla cuts off Ilena's left arm. Noel, then Sophia, are impaled by Priscilla's claws.[41] Priscilla further wounds Ilena and leaves her for dead. But she ignores Clare as if she were "a stone on the side of the road." Clare later comes to despises herself for being afraid at that moment. Priscilla then flies away for parts unknown.[42]

Clare decides to use the Organization as a venue for revenge. Cradling Teresa's head, Clare finds a Man in BlackRubel.[43]

7-year timeskip[]

After the 7-year timeskip, the now adult Clare encounters Priscilla in Lautrec. During their combat, Clare reminisces how Noel's agility enabled her to cut off Priscilla's arm.[44]

Memory of Noel.jpg
Memory of Noel

Additional details[]


  • The Claymore series introduces the concept of awakened beings in this scene
  • In future retcons, the concept of single-digit warriors leading awakened hunts is introduced
  • Due to the retcons, a continuity error occurs in this scene when Noel does not recognize Priscilla as an awakened being. As a single-digit, Noel would have previously lead awakened hunts before the current story arc


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