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VIZ Media name

Nina[1] Speaker.svg


Nina[2][3][4][5] (de, es-es Speaker.svg, fr Speaker.svg, it Speaker.svg), 니나[6] Nina (ko), 蓮娜 Liánnà Speaker.svg (zh-hk), 妮娜[7] Nīnà Speaker.svg (zh-tw)

Original name

ニーナ[8] Nina Speaker.svg

Rank No.

9 of the Next Generation[9]

Current status





Unknown type: unknown ability


影追い[10] Kage Oi Speaker.svg (Shadow-chaser en-us Speaker.svg)[11]


Follow us, dead weight.[12]

First appearance

Scene 65

Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Nina" derives from a variety of cultures, with various meanings. From Spanish, "little girl." From Russian, as a diminutive of Antonina. From Italian, as a diminutive of Giannina.

Also variant name of Mesopotamian goddess and 4th century saint.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Physical[edit | edit source]

Waist-length ponytail, with long lock of hair over left cheek. Compare to Veronica.

Uniform[edit | edit source]

A moth-shaped buckle holds 2-layer spaulders on the shoulders.[13] The faulds skirt lacks a seat plate.[14]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Icy, laconic persona. Deals harshly with low-ranking warriors like Clarice.[15]

Datasheet[edit | edit source]

Class[edit | edit source]

Unknown type. Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," her ability and baselines are unknown. Appears to have a high sensing baseline. Unknown sensing ability resembles Alignment.

Technique[edit | edit source]

Sensing Ability enables Shadow-chaser.

History[edit | edit source]

Early life unknown.

Clarice[edit | edit source]

Dabi[edit | edit source]

Clarice proceeds farther north, reaching the village of Dabi. At a house, she meets the waiting Dabi hunt, lead by Nina.[16]

After learning Clarice is No. 47, the hunt leaves in disgust.[17]

Awakened hunt[edit | edit source]

In mountains they engage cricket-like awakened being. Nina uses Shadow-chaser. Her comrades cut off the arms of the Awakened, who now appears doomed.[18]

But the awakened's two comrades attack—the entire hunt is defeated and left unconscious.[19]

The hunt members are mysteriously saved when unseen forces destroy the three awakeneds.[20]

Executive meeting[edit | edit source]

Clarice reports to Chief Limt at Executive meeting. She only counted 17 swords as grave-marks. Meeting dismisses report. Warrior No. 7, Anastasia (unnamed), replaces Nina.[21]

Rebellion[edit | edit source]

During the Claymore Rebellion, Nina joins the rebels. She reports to the rebel leaders that Rafutera is still inside headquarters.[22]

Cassandra[edit | edit source]

Cassandra fights Audrey, Rachel and Nina. Nina's Shadow-chaser manages to wound Cassandra, who then reverts to her Dusteater technique—she cuts off the limbs of Rachel, Nina and Audrey.[23]

End of Organization[edit | edit source]

After the deaths of Hysteria and Roxanne, Miria, Deneve and Helen invade the Executive facility.

Meanwhile, the Ghosts regenerate the wounded rebels on the battlefield. Soon Miria announces the death of Limt.[24]

References[edit | edit source]

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