Lily from anime

Lily's Symbol

VIZ Media name

Lily[1] (en-us Speaker)


Lily[2][3][4][5] (de Speaker, es-es Speaker, fr Speaker, it Speaker), 릴리[6] Lilli (ko), Лили[7] Lili Speaker (ru), 莉莉[8][9] Lìlì Speaker (zh-hk, zh-tw)

Original name

リリー[10] Riri Speaker

Rank No.

18 of the Current Generation[11]

Current status

Manga: killed in Battle of the North
Anime: survives Battle of the North








Incredible! What is she!?[12]

Anime voice

Anastasia Munoz (en-us)

First appearance

Scene 50, Anime Scene 18


リリー transliterates from "Lily," from Latin lilium (lily).



Shoulder-length hair, swept back, left-side tucked behind ear.[13]


A winged crescent-shaped buckle hold 2-layer spaulders on the shoulders.[14] Lily wears Yuliana's symbol in the anime.[15]



Unknown type. Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," her ability and baselines are unknown.


Early life unknown.

Battle of the NorthEdit

Member of the battle group in Pieta during the Battle of the North. Assigned to Team Flora: Wendy (No. 30), Carla (No. 39) and Clare (No. 47). [16]

Engagement IEdit

During the first engagement with the three scouts, Team Flora fights the Armadillo awakened. Flora, Lily, Wendy and Clare are pinned to a roof by a technique resembling Yoma Energy Alignment and Control. Armadillo then remote controls Carla to execute Team Flora.[17]

Clare asks Ilena's arm for help. The arm on its own volition destroys the roof, toppling everyone to the floor below.[18] Team Undine reinforces Team Flora. Deneve and Undine sever Armadillo's head. When the head tries to escape, Flora and Clare cut it to pieces.[19]

Lily survives the fighting unscathed.

Engagement IIEdit

Manga and anime diverge here.


Lily appears in Yuma's flashback. In the banquet hall of the Eastern Inn, Miria holds a meeting with the battle group. She tells everyone to take a half dose of suppressant. If rendered unconscious during combat, a warrior will radiate no aura, making her appear dead to both the Northern Army and Organization.[20]

The Northern Army invades Pieta. Lily and Wendy flee the Stegosaur awakened. Inexplicably they stop on a rooftop. Stegosaur confronts them—the roof explodes. Flora and Clare bursts through from below, shredding his legs. [21]

Rigaldo decides to decapitate leadership. He kills Veronica and Undine, then wounds Jean. Clare awakens and attacks. But Rigaldo repels Clare and kills Flora.[22] Lily last appears alive witnessing Flora's death.[23]

Lily's body appears in the background, near Wendy's, post-fighting.[24] Lily's sword appears in a graveyard.[25]

The Northern Army invades Pieta. Lily and Wendy flee Stegosaur. They duck into an alley. Stegosaur follows but is ambushed by Flora and Clare.[26]

Claymore Lily and Wendy pursued by Stegosaur

Claymore Lily and Wendy pursued by Stegosaur

Lily and Wendy

After losing three members, versus five Claymore warriors, the Northern Army retreats. Rigaldo sequence similar to manga.

Lily may be among the survivors during the inn lobby scene.[27]


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