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Claymore[1] (en-us)


클레이모어[2] (Keulleimoeo ko), Клеймор[3] Klyeĭmor Speaker (Claymore ru), 大劍[4] Dà Jiàn Speaker (Big Sword zh-hk), 獵魔戰記[5] Liè Mó Zhànjì (Yoma Hunt zh-tw)

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Claymore (ja)

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July 2001[6]


Claymore, a manga and anime series, depicts a medieval world plagued by shapeshifters known as Yoma, who prey on humans.

The Yoma's only opponents are female warriors called "Claymores,” named after their Claymore swords. The series centers on warrior No. 47, Clare, questing for friend and foe alike.

Genre: Fantasy, action, drama.

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Key characters, manga and anime scenes, fighting techniques, events and places in Claymore. Also see Literary origins of Claymore.


  • Clare Clare: protagonist of series
  • Teresa Teresa: Clare's first mentor
  • Priscilla link Priscilla: series' main nemesis
  • Black Suit link Rubel: Clare second mentor and secondary nemesis
  • Raki Raki: Clare's closest living friend
  • Miria Miria: leader of the Ghosts


  • Scene 001 link Scene 1: beginning of manga series
  • Anime Scene 01 link Anime Scene 1: beginning of anime series


  • Sword Chart Sword chart: speed and power of fighting techniques
  • Yoma Power Chart link Yoma power chart: mental control versus Yoma power output of fighting techniques

  • Yoma Power link Yoma power: demonic power that enables the extra-human abilities of Yoma entities


  • Teo Mission link Teo mission: Teresa meets a young Clare
  • Degas Mission link Doga misson: Clare, now a warrior, meets Raki
  • Paburo Hunt link Paburo hunt: Clare meets Miria, Deneve and Helen
  • Battle of the North link Battle of the North: major turning point in series
  • Rebellion Rebellion: end of the Organization


  • World Map link World map: island world of Claymore
  • Teo link Teo II: village where Teresa saves Clare from a Yoma pack
  • Doga link Doga: village where series begins

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Claymore Teresa's first appearance

Claymore Teresa's first appearance

Teresa's first appearance

Claymore Veronica

Claymore Veronica

Veronica and Cynthia in action

Claymore Clare comforting Teresa

Claymore Clare comforting Teresa

Clare comforting Teresa

Claymore Former Single-digit at Gonahl

Claymore Former Single-digit at Gonahl

Former Single-digit Awakened

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In five languages, Clare's most famous line: "My name is Clare. Rank 47 within the Organization. Created with Teresa's flesh and blood and bearer of Ilena's right arm." Press the back button on your browser/or delete key after accessing audio files (Speaker).


  • From anime, Clare confronts Yoma—妖魔の掟, Youma no Okite (Yoma's Law) 2:21
    03 - Youma no Okite
  • Opening scene in Doga—哀しき宿命 Kanashiki Shukumei (Sad Fate) 1:10
    08 - Kanashiki Shukumei
  • Clare approaching town—恐ろしき布陣 Osoroshiki Fujin (Frightening Line) 1:11
    06 - Osoroshiki Fujin

Common misconceptionsEdit

Misconceptions can derive from differences between the manga and anime. Other misconceptions originate from manga/anime forums, scanlations, other Wikis and fan-fiction. Lastly, confusion can be caused by revisions or retcons from the mangaka or creator of a series

  • The English language Claymore (not クレイモア Kureimoa) is the official copyrighted title to all editions except the Russia[7] and Taiwan[8] editions. The Korea edition uses Claymore in conjunction with the sub-scripted 클레이모어 Keulleimoeo.[9] The Hong Kong edition uses Claymore in conjunction with the super-scripted 大劍 Dà Jiàn (Big Sword)[10]
  • クレイモア serves only as the super-scripted part of the Claymore logo of the US[11] and Japan[12] editions
  • The series first appeared in the July 2001 Monthly Shōnen Jump,[13] officially released on 6 June 2001 (subscribers and distributors actually received the July issue before 6 June)
  • The village renamed Teo in the anime[14] is unnamed in the manga
  • The name Raquel is given to the hime-haired warrior who returns to Hamel in the anime.[15] But the manga bobbed-hair Raquel is the first casualty in the Witch's Maw[16]
  • All the proper names in the original Japanese text are transliterations of Western names, not the other way around. "Clare" is not a transliteration of "Kurea"

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