Katea from anime

VIZ Media name

Katea[1] (en-us Speaker)


Katea[2][3] (de anime Speaker, fr anime Speaker), Katya[4] (es-es Speaker), Cathy[5] (fr Speaker), Katia[6] (it Speaker), 카티아[7] Katia (ko), Катя[8] Katya Speaker (ru), 卡迪雅[9] Kǎdíyǎ Speaker (zh-hk), 卡地亞[10] Kǎdìyà Speaker (zh-tw)

Original name

カティア[11] Katea Speaker

Rank No.

32 of the Current Generation[12]

Current status

Awakened, killed by Dauf








Stop it, Katea! Do you want to become a monster!?[13] (Jean)

Anime voice

Kristi Bingham (en-us),
Shiho Kawaragi (ja)

First appearance

Scene 41, Anime Scene 15


カティア transliterates from "Katea," possibly variant of Katya, diminutive of the Russian "Yekaterina" (Catherine). Compare to Kate.


Claymore warriorEdit


Wears hime hairstyle—similar to Raquel II.


In the anime, a broad band buckle holds 2-layer spaulders on the shoulders.[14] The manga version differs.[15]

Katea 2
Katea awakening


Crane fly form. Still retains patches of original human skin, including original face. Her wings can extends into tentacles.





Claymore warriorEdit

Unknown type and ability.


From Yoma War Record II.[16]

  • Solidity: A
  • Intellect: S


Early life unknown.


In the town of Hamel, Clare searches for Raki. She checks in at a local inn. From up in her room, she watches Zakol hunt leaving town. Katea among them. Hunt leader, Jean, senses Clare's presence.[17]

Witch's MawEdit

In castle cellar, a mysterious young girl supervises a thuggish man, Dauf, in awakening Claymore warriors.[18]

One warrior, Raquel, lies dead nearby. The two remaining warriors, Jean and Katea, are hung by their wrists from ceiling.

Dauf expels rods from his body and drives them into their bodies.[19]

Katea awakens, despite Jean's pleads. Riful orders Dauf to test her strength, but Katea's attack on Dauf proves ineffectual.[20]

Claymore Katea in Witch's Maw

Claymore Katea in Witch's Maw

Katea awakened

Riful orders Katea destroyed.[21]

Unexpected callerEdit

Dauf senses someone's approach. The girl senses weak Yoma Energy and immediately loses interest. She tells Dauf to deal with the intruder.[22]

Outside the castle, Clare approaches the entrance.[23]


The original Japanese text refers to Katea as awakened case number 30. An English scanlation has Riful saying, "I see... What a shame... That's what an awakened number 30 amounts to I guess..."

In the official VIZ translation, Riful says, "Really? Too bad. Thirty Awakened Ones and still no luck."[24]

Of the current generation, Katea is Claymore warrior No. 32.[25] Wendy is No. 30.[26]


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