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Ilena in uniform

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VIZ Media name

Ilena[1] Speaker.svg (en-us)


Name: Elayne[2] Speaker.svg (de), Irene[3][4] (de Speaker.svg, it Speaker.svg), Helena[5] Speaker.svg (es-es), Irène[6] Speaker.svg (fr), 일레네[7] Illene Speaker.svg (ko), Ирэн[8] Ieen Speaker.svg (ru), 伊妮莉[9] Yīnīlì Speaker.svg (zh-hk), 伊蕾涅[10] Yīlěiniè Speaker.svg (zh-tw)
Nickname: Irene die Wirbelklinge[11] Speaker.svg (Irene of the Swirling Sword de), "Irene, le Sabre Véloce"[12] Speaker.svg (Irene the Quick Sword fr), Irene Spada Veloce[13] Speaker.svg (Quick Sword Irene it), Irene dalla Spada Fulminea[14] (Irene the Lightning Sword it anime), 高速剣のイレーネ[15] Kōsokuken no Irēne Speaker.svg (Quicksword Irene ja), 고속검일레네[16] Gosoggeom Illene Speaker.svg (High-speed Sword Irene ko), Ирэн Быстрый Меч[17] Iren Bystryy Mech Speaker.svg (Quick Sword Irene ru), 高速剑伊妮莉[18] Gāosù Jiàn Yīnīlì Speaker.svg (Quick Sword Irene zh-hk), 高速劍伊蕾涅[19] Gāosù Jiàn Yīlěiniè Speaker.svg (Quick Sword Irene zh-tw)

Original name

イレーネ[20] Irēne Speaker.svg

Rank No.

2[21] and 3[22] of the Old Generation (Teresa Era)

Current status

Deserted, alive




Offensive:[23] 高速連撃[24] Kōsoku Ren Geki Speaker.svg (High-speed Continuous Attack)


高速剣[25] Kōsoku Ken Speaker.svg (Quicksword)[26]


You already appear calm on the surface. But your real heart is a whirlpool of passion.[27]

Anime voice

Heide Domanowski (de),
Wendy Powell (en-us),
Laura Zichy (fr),
Marina Thovez (it),
Minami Takayama (ja),
Sherwin Revestir (tl)

First appearance

Scene 18, Anime Scene 7


Original text[]

The original Japanese Claymore name, イレーネ, transliterates from "Irene," deriving from the Greek Ειρηνη (peace). Irene is the Greek goddess of peace. Possible allusion to the Claymore character's calm demeanor.

Ilena vs Irene[]


VIZ Media uses "Ilena."[28]

"Ilena" (possibly spelled イレナ), may be variant of "Ileana," a princess in Romanian folklore, who is rescued by a knight from a monster. イレナ is not used in the Japanese manga or anime. イレナ can also be transliterated as "Irena."

Only known use of "Ilena" in a Japanese language publication of Claymore is the section 2 poster in Fragments of Silver 2. It repeats the VIZ Media translation of Scene 39: "I am Clare, No. 47. I've taken on Teresa's flesh and Ilena's right arm."[29]

FUNimation anime, as well as the VIZ Media translation, uses "Ilena."

Other languages[]

  • The Japanese language Nintendo Claymore DS Game uses "Irene"
  • The Germany anime use "Irene."[30] The Germany manga switches from "Elayne" to "Irene" in Scene 36[31]
  • The Spain manga uses "Helena," which in Spanish is pronounced the same as Clare's friend, Elena, the h being silent[32]


Claymore warrior[]


Waist-length hair frames a long face with an aquiline nose and expressionless eyes. Long pointed ears. Taller than average. Same height as Teresa's.[33][34]


Old Generation uniform. A bat-shaped clamp buckle holds 2-layer spaulders on the shoulders. The faulds skirt has no protective plate on the seat. Mid-calf chausses and vambraces that go halfway up the forearm are typical of the Teresa Era.

Ilena's equipment.jpg
Ilena's equipment



In a hidden valley basin, Clare notes that Ilena has not aged since the death of Teresa.[35] But Ilena is still missing her left arm, which she lost to the awakened Priscilla.


Ilena wears a hooded "witch cape," covering a leathery ensemble of tank-top, hip-boots and arm protector, all fastened with belts and suspenders. She wears protective plates over her right shoulder and left hip, preventing Ilena's back from being cut by her own sword.

Ilena without cape.jpg
Ilena without cape


Mental (A+) and leadership (A) baselines indicate high maturity.[36] Her mental acuity is displayed not only with her control of Quicksword, but also tactical planning. The 3-diversions trap she uses against Teresa is an example. Despite her deadpan manner (can appear cold-blooded while acting with clear purpose), Ilena is one of the kinder Claymore warriors.



Height: 180cm (5ft 10.86in).[37] Dominant arm: right[38]


Ilena is an offensive type warrior, her ability being High-speed Continuous Attack.[39]


High-speed Continuous Attack enables Quicksword.[40]

Organization assessment[]

The subject is assessed as physically flawless. Has held No. 2 rank for a long time, but lost her position to Priscilla. A veteran of real life experiences and achievements. Fights with effective technique of Quicksword that requires willpower.

Possesses leadership qualities, when taking command of the Teresa purge team. Died of a mortal wound imposed by the awakened Priscilla. Only Ilena's left arm is found.[41]


Early life unknown.



Teresa leaves Clare with foster family in Rokut. But Teresa returns too late to save village from bandits, who she executes.[42] Teresa breaks cardinal rule of Organization—never kill humans. Later she resists execution, when Orsay refuses to reveal Clare's fate. Teresa leaves the execution site with Clare.[43]

Orsay orders Warriors No. 2 through 5 to find and purge Teresa.[44]

Marked for death[]

Purge team[]

Two warriors—Sophia (No. 3) and Noel (No. 4)—suppress Yoma en masse in an Yoma nest, a town devoid of all human life. They argue who should be No. 3.[45]

As they are about to fight, the assumed No. 2 warrior, Ilena, arrives and seemingly kills two Yoma without touching her sword. She orders Sophia and Noel to behave and announces that a new No. 2 has been promoted. Everyone has been demoted by one rank. This angers Noel.[46]

The new No. 2, Priscilla, stumbles from an alley. Noel challenges her to a fight, then sees the alley strewn with Yoma body parts. Priscilla has Yoma Energy Control, enabling her to completely turn off Yoma aura. Sophia never sensed her fighting in the alley.[47]

Three diversions[]

At a new village, Teresa saves a young boy from a Yoma before a crowd. To Teresa's surprise, the villagers welcome her and urge her to stay. Guests of honor at the local inn, Teresa and Clare spend their last moments of happiness together. Clare teases Teresa about her fears of rejection by the villagers, then falls asleep.

Soon Teresa senses the purge mission arrival.[48]

Ilena bursts into Teresa's room. In the ensuing sword-fight, Teresa easily keeps up with Ilena's Quicksword. But the fight is only the first diversion. Downstairs in the lobby, the second diversion is taking place. Sophia plunges her sword through the ceiling. But Teresa dodges the blade.[49]

As planned Teresa retreats to the window, where the third diversion happens—Noel attacks through the window from outside. Teresa grabs Clare and escapes through the next window down to the street below. Demurely, Priscilla approaches the pair.[50]

Despite Teresa's Preemptive Sensing, she does not detect Priscilla's presence behind her, until Priscilla introduces herself. Noel curses Priscilla for ruining Ilena's plan—driving Teresa out of the inn and into the street, where Priscilla was suppose to ambush her from the rear.[51]

Teresa orders Clare to retreat, then turns to Priscilla. When questioned by Teresa on why Priscilla did not kill Teresa when she had a chance, Priscilla replies that it would be dishonorable to waylay a sister warrior. But because Teresa broke the cardinal rule of the Organization, she must die.[52]

Priscilla is surprised by Teresa's high ability. Nonetheless, Teresa could easily kill the entire purge team. But she resists killing anyone for now. Teresa is concerned that she may have to kill Priscilla in the future.[53]

When Priscilla fails to bring down Teresa, the other warriors join in. One-by-one, Teresa defeats them. And without Yoma power or any specialized sword technique (see Versatility). It is unknown if Teresa even used Detailed Yoma Energy Sensing in holding off Ilena's Quick-sword. When Priscilla asks about Ilena's wounded condition, Ilena tells her to concentrate on defeating Teresa.[54]

Ilena admits underestimating Teresa's pure sword skill without any special technique. In fighting Priscilla, Teresa does not even need her Preemptive Sensing ability. Led by Priscilla, the purge team proves little more than an organized mob.[55]

Last combat[]

With Priscilla on her knees, Teresa is about to behead her. But due to the softening effects of being with Clare, Teresa decides to spare Priscilla's life.[56]

Teresa and Clare leave town. But Priscilla partially awakens and pursues them. On a deserted plateau, Priscilla again fights Teresa. She repeatedly accuses Teresa of being a murderer, words that would be repeated by Hysteria years later during the Claymore rebellion. Priscilla wounds Teresa's forehead.[57]

The purge team arrives, who witness the ongoing fight. Teresa finally releases her Yoma power, but only at 10%. But despite defeating Priscilla, Teresa refuses to behead her. Finally, Priscilla begs to be killed.[58]

When Teresa drops her guard, Priscilla cuts off Teresa's hands and beheads her.[59]


The purge team and Clare watch in amazed horror at Priscilla's transformation. She spouts wings and a horn on the forehead. Priscilla fully awakens into the winged, One-horned Monster.

<a href="./File:Claymore_Priscilla_awakens"> Claymore_Priscilla_awakens </a>
Priscilla awakens

Priscilla feels wonderful. She wonders why she did not awaken earlier.[60]

The purge team attacks. Priscilla cuts off Ilena's arm. Then Noel counterattacks by cutting off Priscilla's arm, which instantly regenerates. Priscilla's extensible claws impale and kill both Sophia and Noel. Priscilla again attacks Ilena, leaving her for dead.[61]

Clare decides to use Organization as venue for revenge. Cradling Teresa's head, Clare finds a Man in BlackRubel.[62]


Ilena redux[]

After escaping Ophelia in Gonahl, Clare, now warrior No. 47, is forced to separate from Raki. She promises to find Raki again.[63]

Ilena in witch cape.jpg
Ilena in witch cape

Clare lures Ophelia in opposite direction of Raki's path. Clare loses her right arm to Ophelia's Rippling Sword.[64] But Ophelia is defeated by a stranger in a witch cape—Ilena.[65]

Ilena's hidden valley[]

Fit for battle[]

Later, in Ilena's hidden valley, Clare convalesces in Ilena's cabin. Ilena admits pretending to be dead. She guesses Clare's intent to kill Priscilla. Ilena warns Clare that she is only 1/4 Yoma, not 1/2. But Clare is adament about her goal. Ilena agrees to teach Clare the Quicksword.[66]

<a href="./File:Claymore_Ilena"> Claymore_Ilena </a>
Campfire talk

Campfire talk[]

During a practice bout, Clare collapses. Ilena orders her to bathe and rest.

In a mountain lake, Clare bathes amid a serene starlit evening. She realizes how well concealed they are in this valley.

Clare is surprised by the sudden appearance of a campfire, where Ilena waits. Ilena notes how well her old shirt and leggings fit Clare. She orders Clare to eat as they talk over the fire about the past and future.

Clare notes how little Ilena has changed since that day on the plateau. Ilena says that due to their Yoma blood, warriors do not age. If Teresa were alive today she would look the same as Clare remembers her.

Ilena guesses that Clare feels guilty about Teresa's death. Ilena in part agrees that Teresa died because of Clare, a burden of guilt that Clare has carried since that fatal day on the plateau. Clare softened Teresa's heart. Teresa lost her focus as a warrior, which killed her in the end. Clare begins to cry. But as a consolation, Ilena says further that Teresa's last days were happy ones.

Also, that Clare's very existence is the only proof that Teresa ever existed. She urges Clare to abandon her path to self-destruction and live.

<a href="./File:Claymore_Anime_Scene_14"> Claymore_Anime_Scene_14 </a>
Ilena teaches Quicksword

Clare remains adamant, however, on following her path.


Meanwhile in Gonahl, warrior No. 5, Rafaela, comes across the remains of the Former Single-digit awakened.

Parting gift[]

The next day, after a practice session, Ilena admits that Clare will never be able to use the Quicksword in her condition. Ilena cuts off her remaining arm and orders Clare to reattach it to herself, which she does. Ilena says to consider it as "a parting gift."

When Ilena realizes Clare can never master Quicksword in her condition, Ilena cuts off her arm and gives it to Clare as a "parting gift."[67]


After Clare leaves, Rafaela appears. She tells Ilena that her Yoma power signature gave her away, and of her impeding execution for desertion.

Deep in the forest, Clare feels something sudden in Ilena's arm. But an awakened Ophelia interrupts Clare's thoughts.[68]


Clare is forced to join a battle group during the Battle of the North.


During the first engagement with the three scouts, Team Flora fights the Armadillo awakened, but is soon pinned to the roof by a technique resembling Yoma Energy Alignment and Control. Armadillo then remote controls Carla to execute Team Flora.[69]

Clare asks Ilena's arm for help. The arm on its own volition destroys the roof, toppling everyone to the floor below, thus saving all warriors' lives.[70]

7-year timeskip[]

Outside Rabona, Clare confronts the awakened Cassandra. Clare fully awakens Ilena's arm and counterattacks with Quicksword.[71]

As Ilena appears in a flashback, Clare estimates that after the 7-year timeskip, her Quicksword technique may equal Ilena's.[72]

In the final chapter, it is revealed that Ilena is in fact alive, having regrown her right arm, making clare not have to return it after all.[73][74]

Additional details[]



From Claymore Intimate Persona, 疾風 Shippu (Tempest): Irene—Minami Takayama 3:42


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