Hilda from manga

Hilda's Symbol

VIZ Media name

Hilda[1] (en-us Speaker)


Hilda[2][3][4][5] (de Speaker, es-es Speaker, fr Speaker, it Speaker), 希露達 Xīlùdá Speaker (zh-hk), 希爾妲[6] Xīěrdá Speaker (zh-tw)

Original name

ヒルダ[7] Hirudu Speaker

Rank No.

6 of the Current Generation[8]


Awakened, killed by Miria




Offensive:[9] unknown ability




Can you see me, Hilda?[10]

Anime voice

Colleen Clinkenbeard (en-us),
Beatrice Caggiula (it),
Komina Matsushita (ja)

First appearance

Scene 30, Anime Scene 11


ヒルダ transliterates from "Hilda," from medieval German element hild (battle). Or from "Hildegard." Name of 7th century English saint, St. Hilda.



Hairstyle: razor-cut boy shag, similar to Clarice and several Battle of the North warriors.[11] Tomboyish face resembles Rafaela and Clarice. The anime Hilda differs in conception and resembles the US actress, Anne Francis.



Mummy form, with wrap-like tentacles. Passive as an awakened being, keeping with her promise to Miria to "team up together as single-digit warriors."[12]

Hilda Awakened manga link
Awakened Hilda from manga

Similar to Agatha's second awakened form.[13]


Rooster-like form. More aggressive than the manga version.[14]

Hilda profiles
Hilda profiles in anime


As Miria's mentor, appears both friendly and helpful in guiding Miria's career path.

In Chaldean Numerology, the number 6, Hilda's number, is often viewed as the number of maternal care.


Claymore warriorEdit


Hilda is an offensive type[15] warrior. Having no Organization datasheet as a warrior in the "Yoma War Record," her ability and baselines are unknown.


From "Yoma War Record II."[16]


  • Solidity: S
  • Intellect: SS


Early life unknown.

Hilda's huntEdit

Daytime in unknown locale. The leader of a hunt, Hilda, compliments Miria on her performance. Hilda vows to "team up together again as single-digit warriors."[17]


Another day. From afar, a Man in Black observes Miria destroy a Yoma pack.[18]

He notes Miria's "Phantom" technique. Also watching is warrior No. 4, Ophelia. Though part of the hunt, she refuses to participate as no awakened being is present.[19]

Ophelia's planEdit

The manga and anime diverge here.


Two versionsEdit

There are two manga versions. The earlier version has Miria leading the hunt. In this version, Ophelia is not a hunt member. When Miria nearly kills the awakened Hilda and discovers Hilda's identity, Miria nearly awakens herself. Ophelia comes out of nowhere and waits eagerly for Miria to awaken so she can fight and kill Miria.

In the later manga version in Extra Scene 2, Miria is now part of a hunt led by Ophelia, who speaks of a warrior who gave Ophelia a black card. But instead of giving it to the unnamed recipient, Ophelia tore it up.[20]


On a mountain, the party engages the awakened being, mummy-like with tape-shaped tentacles. The awakened acts strangely passive. Ophelia disables the awakened. Miria finally beheads it, while noting the awakened's suppressed Yoma aura. Miria now realizes the awakened's identity—Hilda.[21]

Miria realizes that Hilda allowed herself to be killed, echoing Hilda's earlier words "to team up together again..." In her grief, Miria awakens herself, with Ophelia waiting to kill her.[22]


In anime version, Miria leads the hunt as in the earlier manga version. Again, after nearly killing Hilda, who then dies, Miria awakens. Ophelia, who is not part of the hunt, comes out of nowhere and waits for Miria to awaken so she can fight and kill Miria.[23]

Claymore Miria and Hilda

Claymore Miria and Hilda

Hilda dying during Ophelia's hunt


7-year timeskipEdit

After the Ghosts leave Alfons, Helen finds Hilda's sword one rainy night. The next morning, back on the same mountain where Hilda died, Miria plants the sword as a grave-mark. She speaks to Hilda's spirit, asking her to join Miria, the and fallen warriors of Pieta.[24]


In Rabona, Miria paralyzes Tabitha, then puts on her old Claymore uniform and leaves. Miria journeys to Organization Headquarters, where she paralyzes the entire warrior contingent. But during her combat with the Twin Trainees, an anti-Claymore warrior, Rafutera, uses Yoma power harmonization to cause Miria to hallucinate her old friend Hilda.

Scene 107a
"Hilda" returns

Later, during the Rebellion, while Miria combats Hysteria, Miria reminisce about "Ophelia's plan" to kill both Hilda and herself.[25]

Additional detailsEdit



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