Clare entering Hamel

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Original name

ハメル[1] Hameru





Geographic entity


Geographic features

Near Zakol Mountains[3]


Twin goddesses Teresa and Clare

Place name allusion

Hendrick Hamel

First mention

Anime Scene 15

First appearance

Scene 41, Anime Scene 15

Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Hamel" is the official FUNimation translation of ハメル.[4][5] Also used in other dubs.[6] The town is named only in the anime.

The town is nameless in all manga editions.

"Hamel" is the name of commune of Nord département, in northern France.

Also, a possible allusion to the 17th century Dutch explorer Hendrick Hamel (1630–1692), whose own situation paralleled Clare's and her comrades in the Witch's Maw.

In English, "Hanel," which often appears on reference sites, originated as a pre-FUNimation, fansub translation of ハメル, the "n" a possible mispelling for "m." In Spanish, "Hanel" appears in two fansubbed versions of the anime.[7]

Definition[edit | edit source]

A village[8] or town[9] in southeastern corner of Lautrec. Near the Zakol Mountains. See world map.

History[edit | edit source]

Raki[edit | edit source]

Disguised as a man, Clare approaches a young man and woman. In the manga, Clare is already in town. In the anime, Clare is on the outskirts of town.

Clare says she is searching for her younger "brother" (Raki). The man suggests searching the town. As Clare leaves them, she overhears the two arguing whether they just spoke to a woman or a man. The woman saw through Clare's male drag.[10]

3-month Timeskip.jpg
Clare's appearance during 3-month timeskip

At a local inn, the innkeeper tells Clare that Claymore warriors are in town.[11]

From her room, Clare sees Zakol hunt marching past inn. The leader, Jean, senses Clare's presence, despite Clare's use of suppressant.[12]

Jean leads hunt to Zakol Mountains, site of abandoned castle—"Witch's Maw"—lair of Riful of the West, and her consort, Dauf.[13]

Twin goddesses[edit | edit source]

Town has Teresa and Clare statue on display, where a young girl tells Clare that someone resembling Raki asked questions about statue.[14]

Clare in Hamel

Their talk is interrupted—a fatally wounded warrior reaches town (named Raquel in the anime voice credits). She asks Clare to save her companions. Clare journeys to Zakol Mountains.[15]

References[edit | edit source]

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