Falcon Sword
Falcon Sword
Boss attacking Teresa



Original name

隼の剣[1] Hayabusa no ken (pronounced hy-ya-bu-sa no kin)




Sword blade made of independent segments, linked with unknown inner mechanism





Associated technique



So, can you see it?[2]

First appearance

Scene 16, Anime Scene 6


隼の剣 may allude to falcon talons as they attack prey.


Superficially appears to be a conventional broadsword, with a solid blade and raptor-shaped guard.

The blade is made up of independent segments linked with connectors—possibly cable, chain, spring or combination of. Function reminiscent of Ophelia's Rippling Sword.

When the sword is whipped forward, the segments separate and spread apart, the segments reaching targets several meters/yards away. When the blade is spun, the resulting optical illusion makes the Falcon hard to see and counter.

Falcon Sword details
Falcon Sword details

Common manga trope.

Similar in function, if not form, of Urumi, a long sword made of flexible steel. The trope is repeated with the spinning/cutting arms of the awakened Europa. Either resembles a string trimmer.


During a nightime raid on Rokut village, the leader of the bandit gang, Boss, attacks the villagers with his Falcon Sword.

After Teresa rescues Clare and kills Rig,[3] Boss uses the Falcon against Teresa, hitting bystanding bandits. [4]

Claymore Boss challenges Teresa with Falcon Sword

Claymore Boss challenges Teresa with Falcon Sword

Boss attacks with Falcon Sword

He misses Teresa on the first attack, but then tries a new maneuver. But Teresa defeats him, anyway.[5]


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