Extra Scene 4
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Clare from Memorabilia

Original magazine title

錆なき覚悟[1] Sabinaki Kakugo (Untarnished Resolution)

Issue, release date

22 October 2007, TBA

Tankōbon title

Same as original, Volume 14[2]

US tankōbon title

Untarnished Resolve[3]

New character

Clare's rival, Clare's Instructor


Don't be so eager to die. No matter how shameful it is, you have to keep struggling to survive to the very end.[4]




Organization Headquarters,[6] deserted village

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Prologue[edit | edit source]

No prologue. Color plate of Clare in the original Weekly Shōnen Jump publication.[7]

Day Teresa died[edit | edit source]

On a desolate plateau, a young girl picks up the head of Teresa. She hugs Teresa's head.[8]

School[edit | edit source]

Sparring match[edit | edit source]

The narrative flashes forward. A now teen-aged Clare is attending class at the warrior school, at Organization Headquarters.[9]

Her sister trainees wonder aloud about rumors that Clare has Teresa's flesh. To test Clare, a bigger trainee starts a sparring match with Clare using Claymore swords. Clare puts up a fight, but is knocked down.[10]

But Clare gets up and the fight is about to restart, but Rubel breaks it up.[11]

Final test[edit | edit source]

Two teams[edit | edit source]

On site in a ruin village, Clare's Instructor announces the test to 10 trainees, among which are Clare and the girl she fought earlier. The group is divided into two teams. They are to fight under realistic conditions.[12]

Surprise[edit | edit source]

Clare wanders away from her team and runs into her old rival. While the two fight, Clare discovers all the other trainees are dead.[13]

Extra Scene 4a.jpg
Clare in ruined village

The two survivors are attacked by a Yoma. Clare's rival is wounded by the Yoma.[14]

Despite the girl's protests, Clare drags her into a building.[15]

Hunt[edit | edit source]

The Yoma searches for the two trainees. He detects what he thinks is Clare's aura, then spots her long hair hanging at a window's edge. He strikes through the building with extensible claws.[16]

But Clare's hair is attached to a beam, with the wounded trainee's aura acting as a decoy.[17]

With his claws caught in the wall, Clare appears behind him and cuts his skull in two.[18]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The instructor and Rubel watch from afar, as Clare helps her former enemy leave the village.[19]

Additional details[edit | edit source]

Artword[edit | edit source]

  • Clare's rival resembles Elena in the anime, who also appears with bobbed hair in the school sequence[20]
  • Due to the similar hairstyle, the trainee Elena is sometimes mistaken for Clare's rival[21]
  • In the school anime sequence, Clare's hair wears a pageboy while still attending school

Cover art[edit | edit source]

Weekly Shōnen Jump, 22 October 2007.jpg
Weekly Shōnen Jump 22 October 2007

References[edit | edit source]

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