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Miria from Memorabilia

Original magazine title

幻影と凶戦士[1] Gen'ei to Kyō Senshi (Phantom and Evil Warrior)

Issue, release date

27 August 2007, TBA

Tankōbon title

Same as original, Volume 13[2]

US tankōbon title

The Phantom and the Wicked Warrior[3]

New character



Can you see me, Hilda?[4]




Forest, mountain

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Prologue[edit | edit source]

No prologue. Color plate of Miria in the original Weekly Shōnen Jump publication.[5]

Present[edit | edit source]

A rainy night sometime after the Ghosts leave Alfons and are traveling south to Rabona.

Helen comes across a lost Claymore sword. Miria recognizes the owner's symbol.[6]

Flashback[edit | edit source]

First hunt[edit | edit source]

Daytime. The captain of Hilda's hunt, Hilda herself, compliments Miria after her first awakened hunt. The two friends vow to "team up together again as single-digit warriors."[7]


Phantom[edit | edit source]

Another day. From afar, a Man in Black, Ermita, observes Miria destroy a Yoma pack.[8]

He notes Miria's "Phantom" technique. Also watching is warrior No. 4, Ophelia. Though part of the hunt, she refuses to participate as no awakened being is present.[9]

Ophelia's plan[edit | edit source]

New hunt[edit | edit source]

Miria is now part of a new hunt. They are led by Ophelia, who speaks of a warrior who gave Ophelia a black card. But instead of giving it to the unnamed recipient, Ophelia tore it up.[10]

Non-fight[edit | edit source]

On a mountain, the hunt engages the awakened—mummy-like with tape-shaped tentacles. The awakened acts strangely passive. Ophelia disables the awakened. Miria finally beheads it, while noting the awakened's suppressed Yoma Energy. Miria now realizes the awakened's identity.[11]

Ophelia's trap[edit | edit source]

Hilda allowed Miria to kill her, echoing Hilda's earlier words "to team up together again..." In her grief, Miria awakens herself, with Ophelia waiting to kill her.[12]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Daytime in the present. Back on the same mountain, Miria plants Hilda's sword as a grave-mark. She speaks to Hilda's spirit, asking her to join Miria, the Ghosts and fallen of Pieta.[13]

Additional details[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Scene 30 has a slightly different version of the Hilda's hunt, in which Miria leads the hunt rather than Ophelia
  • The anime version follows the Scene 30 version of Hilda's hunt, in which Miria is the captain and Ophelia appears from nowhere as Miria awakens
  • During the Claymore Rebellion at Organization Headquarters, Miria reminiscences about "Ophelia's plan" to kill both her and Hilda[14]
  • The original art for the color plate is reproduced on p. 053 of Memorabilia

Cover art[edit | edit source]

A small image of Clare appears on the front panel of the cover.

Weekly Shōnen Jump, 27 August 2007.jpg
Weekly Shōnen Jump 27 August 2007

References[edit | edit source]

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