Emilia in anime

Emilia's Symbol

VIZ Media name

Emilia[1] (en-us Speaker)


Emilia[2] (de), Emelia[3][4] (es-es Speaker, it anime), Emilie[5] (fr Speaker), Amelia[6] (it Speaker), 에멜리아[7] Emellia (ko), Эмилия[8] Emiliya Speaker (ru), 愛美莉雅[9] Àiměilìyǎ Speaker (zh-hk), 艾梅莉兒[10] Àiméilìer Speaker (zh-tw)

Original name

エメリア[11] Emeria Speaker

Rank No.

27 of the Current Generation[12]

Current status

Manga: killed in Battle of the North
Anime: survives Battle of the North




Unknown type: unknown ability





First appearance

Scene 51, Anime Scene 18


エメリア is transliterated from "Emelia" deriving from the Latin form of Germanic Amala, from the element amal (work). Name of the Orthodox saint, Emmelia of Caesarea.

The similar appearing "Emilia," spelled エミリア Emiria Speaker, is derived from the Latin Aemilius.



Waist-length hair worn loose and swept back. Often confused with Yuma, who wears ponytail at Pieta. The manga portrayal of Emilia differs somewhat from the anime.


Emilia wears 2-layer spaulders, the first layer appearing to be mostly cut away, exposing the second layer underneath.[13]



Unknown type. Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," her ability and baselines are unknown.


Early life unknown.

Battle of the NorthEdit

Member of the battle group in Pieta during the Battle of the North. Assigned to Team Jean: Eliza (No. 17), Natalia (No. 37) and Deana (No. 44).[14]

Engagement IEdit

During the first engagement with the three scouts, the Insectile awakened decimates Team Jean, Jean left standing alone. Team Veronica reinforces Team Jean.[15]

Engagement IIEdit

Manga and anime diverge here.


Emilia appears in Yuma's flashback. In the banquet hall of the Eastern Inn, Miria holds a meeting with the battle group. She tells everyone to take a half dose of suppressant. If rendered unconscious during combat, a warrior will radiate no aura, making her appear dead to both the Northern Army and Organization.[16]

Emilia is presumably dead by Scene 66, though not mentioned by name, nor shown by her sword as a grave-mark.


The Northern Army invades Pieta. After losing three members, versus five Claymore warriors, the Northern Army retreats.[17]

Emelia may be among the survivors during the inn lobby scene.[18]


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