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Elegant technique
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Elegant technique

VIZ Media name

Elegant technique[1]



Original name

流麗[2] Ryūrei




Attacking target through hyper-speed, making passing side-attack





Associated technique



Even if you release Yoma Energy, you can't keep up with my speed. You just keep flowing into me. To be honest, it's boring.[3]

First appearance

Scene 116


VIZ Media translates 美しい Utsukushī (beautiful) as "Elegant."[4] In the VIZ Media English translation, Miria say "From the one who has the most elegant technique...that is an honor."[5] "Elegant technique" here is a description and not a proper name.

In the original Japanese, Miria actually says "technique called Flowing."[6] Also see quote in infobox.

Hysteria's moniker, 流麗, usually translates as "flowing" or "streamline," hence "elegant." 流麗 derives from the Chinese for "flowing." Hysteria's technique itself may be far from simple, or "elegant."

There are various Japanese spellings for "elegant" and "elegance," the most conventional being エレガント (elegant) and エレガンス (elegance). 流麗 is common in East Asian ad copy, used in the Madison Avenue–Fitzrovia sense of "streamline" or "sleek."



Unknown agile ability enables technique: hyper-fast movement, but in one direction only—toward target, making passing side-attack.[7] Peripheral effect is afterimage flowing through target, hence Hysteria's moniker.[8]

Like Phantom, technique uses Yoma power bursts.[9]

Versus Phantom[]

Phantom uses hyper-fast stop-and-go movement, creating multiple afterimages.[10]

Since Phantom usually gains distance from target, little if any precision needed for placement of afterimages, or dodging counterattack. Spatial tolerances much narrower for Elegant technique, however.[11]

Phantom: Yoma power usage 60–high-70%,[12] Yoma power control 75%,[13] attack speed 75%.[14] Technique third fastest.[15] See Yoma power chart and sword chart.

Elegant technique: percentages unknown. In Scene 116, Hysteria's pupils appear round, indicating Yoma power usage below 10%.[16]



Rubel visits Dae working in laboratory at Organization Headquarters. Corpses of three former No. 1 Claymore warriors—Cassandra, Hysteria and Roxanne—await resurrection.[17]


Abyss Feeders[]

Claymore warriors rebel. Limt orders the Abyss Feeders released.[18]

Despite panicky subordinates, Limt is blase as usual. And unconcerned if the three former No. 1s, Hysteria, Roxanne and Cassandra, awaken into Abyssal Ones, as they proceed on their mission of annihilation.[19]


While the rebels fight the Abyss Feeders, the three resurrected warriors cut down everyone en masse.[20]

Miria discovers that Hysteria uses a technique "similar" to Phantom. But instead of avoidance, Hysteria attacks.[21]

Rockwell Hill[]

Miria fights Elegant Hysteria, who mentions Rockwell Hill. Miria realizes a resurrected Hysteria stands before her. Miria remembers Hysteria's history—a warrior who neither sent a black card, nor submitted to execution, before reaching her limit.[22]

On Rockwell Hill, an unspecified number of warriors were killed before killing Hysteria.[23]

"Old" Phantom[]

During "David versus Goliath" combat, Miria revives the original Phantom, barely surviving each strike from Hysteria.[24] Finally, Miria increases her baseline Yoma power level to the Phantom's burst level, then jumps it from there.[25]

"Inelegant" Hysteria[]

Miria can now strike Hysteria, even though she also sustains wounds. Hysteria is appalled at this crude technique.[26]

Miria's trap[]

Despite Cassandra's awakening, Hysteria continues the fight with Miria—she cuts of Miria's arm. Miria realizes that Hysteria has guessed Miria's timing. In a desperate stratagem, Miria repeats Clare's stratagem,[27] Miria lets Hysteria cut off her other arm.[28]

Unknown to Hysteria, Miria spotted a lost sword on the battlefield. Miria throws her armless body over it—hiding it—then waits for Hysteria.

When Hysteria comes to deliver the coup de grace, Miria clutches the sword hilt in her teeth and runs Hysteria through the neck. Hysteria collapses,[29] but soon awakens.[30]


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