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VIZ Media name

Elda[1] (en-us Speaker)


Elda[2][3][4] (de Speaker, es-es Speaker, fr Speaker), Erda[5] (it Speaker), 엘다[6] Elda (ko), Эльда[7] Elʹda Speaker (ru), 艾路達[8] Àilùdá Speaker (zh-hk), 艾爾妲[9] Àiěrdá Speaker (zh-tw)

Original name

エルダ[10] Eruda Speaker

Rank No.

5[11] and 6[12] of the Old Generation (Teresa Era)

Current status





Unknown type: unknown ability




But who's No. Five?[13] (Noel)

First mention

Scene 18, Anime Scene 7


エルダ transliterates from "Elda" Speaker, an Italian form of Hilda. A city in Spain.



Unknown type. Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," her ability and baselines are unknown.


Life unknown. First mentioned by Sophia (No. 3) as warrior No. 5.[14]

Yoma nestEdit

Two warriors—Sophia (No. 3) and Noel (No. 4)—meet in a village devoid of all humans.[15] As they suppress Yoma, they argue who should be No. 3. Ilena (No. 2) appears in town and breaks up fight.[16] When Ilena tells them about their mission to purge Teresa, Noel ask who is No. 5.[17]

When Sophia mentions Elda, Ilena says Elda is not a team member. Everyone has been demoted one rank down as Priscilla replaced Ilena as No. 2, as well as leading the mission.[18]


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