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Drill Sword
Drill Sword.jpg
Jean eviscerating Dauf

VIZ Media name

Drill Sword[1]


Rotationsklinge[2] (rotary blade de), ataque torbellino[3] (whirlwind attack es-es), faucheuse céleste[4] (sky mower fr)

Original name

旋空剣[5] Senkū Ken Speaker.svg (Rotation Space Sword)


Offensive:[6] Rotary Attack,[7] Limb Stretching


Arm twisted and unwound on delivery

Current status



Jean, Helen

Associated technique

Flexible Limb Stretching (Helen)


But we still need the strength of another. The one who has the power to pierce this beast's tough hide.[8]

First appearance

Scene 47, Anime Scene 17


Jean's datasheet names technique in Yoma War Record III as 旋空剣.[9]

旋空剣 is translated as "Drill Sword" by VIZ Media.[10] Previous scanlation terms include "Sky Sword" and "Hurricane Sword."



Jean's Rotary Attack ability[11] enables her technique.

Jean twists her arm 19–21 turns, then unwinds on contact with target. The spinning blade can pierce the thickest hide of any awakened being.

Yoma power usage approximately 56–76%,[12] Yoma power control high-20%,[13] attack speed 8% (Jean).[14] Slowest, yet most powerful technique.[15] See Yoma power chart and sword chart.


Limb Stretching enables technique. Her statistics on this is unknown.


Witch's Maw[]

Drill attack I[]

Trapped with Riful and Dauf, Galatea improvises plan of attack—she and Clare will distract Dauf, while Jean uses her Drill Sword at the base of Dauf's throat.[16]

Attack nearly works, but Dauf catches Galatea and Clare between his hand and wrist stump. He swats Jean down.[17]

Drill attack II[]

Clare struggles to get up. This time she will clear a path for Jean.

As Clare distracts Dauf with her Quicksword, Jean is up, winding her sword-arm. Dauf notices too late. Clare orders Jean to attack.[18]

Dauf tries to crush Jean between his wrist stump and remains of his left hand. Clare beats both back with Quicksword, guided by her Preemptive Sensing to follow Dauf's Yoma power flow.[19]

Dauf tries to fire rods at Jean. But Galatea uses her Yoma power control to shut Dauf's jaws.

Jean finally drills through base of Dauf's throat, but Riful grabs Jean and slams her to the floor.[20]

Drill Sword attack

Battle of the North[]


During first battle of Pieta, Insectile awakened decimates Team Jean, Jean standing alone.[21]

Team Veronica reinforces Team Jean. Teams Jean and Veronica continue fighting. Only Jean, Veronica, Cynthia and Helen are left standing. They improvise a new tactic.[22]

While Veronica and Cynthia distract Insectile, Helen uses her extensible arm to hold fast his legs.[23]

Below, Jean twists her arm and using a propeller variant of Drill Sword, attacks. The blade whirls round, chopping off Insectile's legs.[24]

Propeller Drill Sword

Northern Army[]


Northern Army invades Pieta. Natalia and Deana attack Tyrannosaur awakened. Distracted, he notices too late Jean's Drill Sword. She kills him.[25]


Rigaldo notes death toll: Claymore warriors lost five to Northern Army's three. He spots the five team captains and recognizes Miria's strategy. To counter it, he decides to decapitate the leadership. He awakens as the Silver Lion.[26]

Rigaldo cuts Veronica in two. Then he cuts up Undine. In the anime, Jean counterattacks with Drill Sword. But Rigaldo proves too fast. He dodges then impales Jean and tosses her aside.[27]

7-year timeskip[]


While hiding in Alfons, Helen develops Yoma powerless version of Drill Sword. Despite Helen's low mental baseline (Yoma War Record II), the elasticity of her arms reduces the need of a high mental baseline like Jean's. Helen sometimes combines the Drill Sword with Flexible Limb Stretching.[28]


The Ghosts battle Agatha in Rabona. Helen destroys the last of Agatha's many facades, finally exposing the true body.[29]


Helen uses Drill Sword while rescuing Dietrich's hunt.[30]

Later, in an unnamed Mucha village (Isley's last stand), Deneve and Helen fight Isley. Helen uses Drill Sword with Flexible Limb Stretching, which only delays Isley's inevitable victory.[31]


Deneve, Helen and Clare fight Hellcats. Helen uses Drill Sword on one Hellcat, unaware it is first of many to come.[32]

Two combats[]

The Ghosts and Rabona guards combat two Awakeneds that land in the city. Helen winds her arm 55 times and destroys the Origami awakened, while Galatea uses Yoma Energy Alignment and Control to immobilize the awakened.[33]


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