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VIZ Media name

Dietrich[1] Speaker.svg (en-us)


Name: Dietrich[2][3][4][5] (de Speaker.svg, es-es Speaker.svg, fr Speaker.svg, it Speaker.svg), 디트리히[6] Diteulihi Speaker.svg (ko), 迪多利希[7] Díduōlìxī Speaker.svg (zh-hk), 黛德麗[8] Dàidélì Speaker.svg (zh-tw)
Nickname: Tracker Dietrich[9] (en-us), Dietrich la rastreadora[10] (es-es)

Original name

ディートリヒ[11] Dītorihi Speaker.svg

Rank No.

8[12] of the Next Generation

Current status



Organization, Ghosts


Offensive:[13] unknown ability


"Sky sword"


All that remains is a burning hunger for flesh and blood.[14]

First appearance

Scene 85


ディートリヒ transliterates from 'Dietrich," from Old High German Theodoric (ruler of the people).

Possible allusion to actress Marlene Dietrich.

"Dietrich" is also the German word for a 'lock pick'.



Wears hair in "twin tails" (ツインテール tsuin teeru), a common manga hairstyle among schoolgirl characters.

Alleged height of 5'3" (approx. 160cm) is forum speculation.[15] Partially due to visual perspective, Dietrich appears shorter than Deneve, but Dietrich's actual height remains unknown.[16] Deneve's official height is 175cm (5ft 8.89in).[17]

Helen calls Dietrich a ちびっ子 chibikko ("kid" or "small child").[18]


A butterfly-shaped buckle holds 2-layer spaulders on the shoulders.[19] The faulds skirt lacks a seat plate.[20]


Dietrich gives impression of an ingenue, but facade only misleads those trying to mislead.[21]

Serious about duty, Dietrich is also susceptible to moral obligation beyond Organization. Galatea describes Dietrich's "stubbornness,"[22], while Anastasia describes her as "hard-headed."[23]



Offensive type.[24] Having no Organization datasheet in the "Yoma War Record," her ability and baselines are unknown. Appears to have high agility baseline.


Sky sword[]

Unknown innate ability enables unnamed sword technique: attack target by using target as springboard, bounding sky-high, then plunge bisecting target[25] (see Sky sword). Described by Deneve.[26]

Yoma power sensing[]

Owing to translation of 追跡者 as "tracker"—as opposed to "stalker"—Dietrich is thought to have special Yoma power sensing ability or technique, though nothing in original Japanese text states this.

When Dietrich says "Galatea the Renegade,"[27] Galatea's comeback line, "Tracker Dietrich,"[28] can translate as "Stalker Dietrich" (追跡者ディートリヒ),[29] 追跡者 being a synonym for those who follow others for sexual purposes, lampooning Dietrich's persistent stalking behavior. Compare to 夜の追跡者 yoru no tsuiseki-sha (night stalker)

During Europa's invasion of Rabona, Dietrich alludes to a past relationship to Galatea.



She describes how her hometown was destroyed by Yoma and awakened beings after the village chief argued with a Man in Black.

Orphaned, Dietrich was "rescued" by Organization and made into warrior.[30]



Dietrich's hunt[]

Deneve and Helen plan to visit their hometowns. But they run across Dietrich's hunt.[31] The awakened being lures the hunt into the river. Despite Miria's orders, Helen, then Deneve aid the hunt. Together they help Dietrich.[32]

Demonic presence[]

Dietrich, feeling indebted, insists on following Deneve and Helen. She warns about "demonic presence." Later, Helen senses extreme Yoma power from unnamed village (Isley's last stand). Helen assumes Isley is "demon."[33]

Despite Dietrich's warning, Helen and Deneve visit town anyway, hoping to catch a glance of Isley for a thrill. But Isley sees through their disguise and attacks.[34] Deneve and Helen fight for their lives.[35]

The Abyss Feeders arrive and begin 3-way fight with Helen, Deneve and Isley.[36] Helen's eye is wounded. Dietrich arrives, telling Deneve and Helen to keep still, or Feeders will attack.[37]

Dietrich, Deneve and Helen flee as Feeders consume Isley.[38]


Later, Dietrich journeys to the Holy City to deliver message to Miria from Deneve. There she meets Miria, Galatea and Tabitha.[39] Dietrich tells Miria that Deneve is taking Helen west and find Clare's party, so Cynthia can heal Helen's eye.[40]


For "mission failure," Organization "exiles" Dietrich to duty in Lautrec.

で降格 (De kōkaku) can be translated as "demoted." Or "relegated"—to be assigned to an obscure place or place of exile. Since Dietrich retains her rank of No. 8 as late as Scene 113, when a Man in Black rallies the Claymore warriors against the approaching rebels, "relegated" is the correct choice.[41]

Yuma guards an injured Cynthia. Yuma detects the approach of Hellcats, awakening from the parasitic rods. Yuma lures them away from Cynthia, but becomes trapped herself.[42]

After Priscilla kills Riful, Feeders lose track of their target. Dietrich finds them and uses a piece of Riful's dress to lure them to confront the Hellcats threatening Yuma.[43]

In Scene 102, Dietrich states in the original Japanese that Abyss Feeders have power near an upper single-digit warrior[44] (VIZ translates as Dietrich referring to herself, who already is a single-digit).[45]


Dietrich returns to the Holy City with the Ghosts and repels the Yoma invasion.[46] Dietrich tries to remain loyal to the Organization. But after hearing Galatea's and the Ghosts' suspicions that Organization sent the invasion, Dietrich finally joins the rebels.[47]


On Northern Path, Dietrich helps rescue Anastasia's hunt.[48] Then helps destroy Yoma-making facility.[49]

When the warriors arrives at Organization Headquarters, they find Mira fighting Hysteria. Miria is pulled down to earth by Anastasia's hair.[50]


Dietrich is among the six warriors who attack Hysteria. They use Anastasia's Winged Technique to stay aloft, high-wire style.[51]

Hysteria evades Helen's Flexible Limb Stretching-Drill Sword attack, but fails to spot Dietrich and Nike, who cut free the captives. Anastasia and Helen catch the plunging warriors.[52]

Yoma power hidden, Tabitha succeeds in approaching Hysteria, then clipping her wings. But when the others close in, Hysteria instantly retreats to earth. The warriors are left crossing each others swords.[53]


Suddenly, Hysteria flies skyward, destroying Deneve's left arm, then Nike's right.[54] High above the suspended warriors, Hysteria fires something—it carves out the side of Dietrich's abdomen. Only Anastasia, Helen and Tabitha remain uninjured.[55]

While Tabitha regenerates Dietrich, Yuma regenerates Nike.[56]


The Ghosts and Raki return to the Holy City of Rabona, where numerous awakened beings congregate in the hills nearby. Later, Clare and Priscilla are released from the cocoon of the Destroyer.

Next Generation[]

During the Ghosts' and Octavia's party's engagement against Cassandra, Europa suddenly leaves the battlefield, hunger overtaking her urge to fight Cassandra. Europa cannot resist the smell of human viscera coming from Rabona.[57]

Meanwhile on the ramparts of the city, Galatea senses Europa's approaching aura, whose magnitude is of a greater order than the two previous awakeneds that landed in town. Clarice asks what should they do.

Scene 138a.jpg
Next Generation warriors

The Next Generation warriors from Organization Headquarters are assembled behind them, which include Audrey, Miata, Rachel, Dietrich, Anastasia, Rafutera and Nike. Galatea announces that now is the time to defend their ground. [58]

Sky command[]

Standing before Galatea's command post high above the city, Dietrich remonstrates Galatea's on allowing humans to remain in Rabona. Galatea replies that the citizens have only left a few day ago. Whether they travel on horse or on foot, an awakened would catch up to them in an instant.

And as to Dietrich's assertion that the guards should have forcibly removed from the city, Galatea implies that the human guards remained here not to protect the physical city, but the fleeing citizens. The guards are here as human bait to lure any awakened away from the refugees.[59]

Dietrich mentions that both she and Galatea share the same period, group or class number, explaining their unseeming familiarity with each other. Dietrich offers to go for a drinking bout with Galatea, should they survive this battle with the awakeneds. But she warns Galatea that a drunken fight between the two may result. Galatea is game. Dietrich then lunges down to the fighting below.[60]

Additional details[]


  • Despite scanlations and mistranslations in official editions, the original Japanese text never says Dietrich is ever demoted or holds any other rank than No. 8
  • Dietrich sharing a "number" with Galatea is sometimes mistaken for a rank number. This number refers to some unspecified group. For further information on this group number, see the Manga section of the Generation article


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